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Brazil National Football Team Vs Serbia National Football Team Player Ratings

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Powerhouse teams Brazil and Serbia lit up the field with an exhibition of unmatched talent and skill throughout their match. We break down each player’s performance on both teams in this indepth analysis, providing insights into their contributions and the dynamics that developed during this exciting match.

Brazil National Football Team Player Ratings

Alisson Becker (Goalkeeper)

Alisson demonstrated his superiority in goalkeeping by producing crucial saves and displaying remarkable passing abilities. His ability to keep a clean sheet was a key component in Brazil’s victory.

Dani Alves (Right-Back)

The veteran right-back brought his leadership to the defensive line, combining overlapping runs with effective defensive contributions. His presence on the flank added a layer of unpredictability to Brazil’s attacking strategies.

Marquinhos (Center-Back)

Marquinhos delivered a solid defensive performance, displaying exceptional aerial abilities and making timely interceptions. His distribution from the back contributed to Brazil’s fluid build-up play.

Thiago Silva (Center-Back)

Forming a formidable partnership with Marquinhos, Thiago Silva showcased his experience with well-timed clearances and effective leadership in the heart of the defense.

Alex Sandro (Left-Back)

While primarily focused on defensive duties, Alex Sandro maintained solidity at the back. Limited in attacking involvement, he played a pivotal role in maintaining defensive cohesion.

Casemiro (Defensive Midfielder)

Casemiro’s commanding presence in midfield disrupted Serbia’s attacks, controlling the tempo with precise passing. His shielding role in front of the defense was instrumental in Brazil’s defensive stability.

Fabinho (Central Midfielder)

Fabinho’s work rate in midfield was commendable, covering the ground effectively and contributing to the team’s offensive and defensive phases. His versatility was evident in linking up play seamlessly.

Lucas Paquetá (Central Midfielder)

Displaying energy and creativity, Paquetá delivered a stellar performance in the middle of the park. His goal-scoring prowess and vision added a dynamic element to Brazil’s attacking maneuvers.

Neymar Jr. (Left Forward)

Neymar stole the spotlight with a Man of the Match performance. Dazzling dribbles, precise passing, and clinical finishing highlighted his brilliance, as he scored and assisted, proving to be the linchpin of Brazil’s attack.

Richarlison (Right Forward)

Richarlison’s dynamic runs and ability to create goalscoring opportunities were evident. While not finding the scoresheet, he contributed significantly to Brazil’s attacking threats.

Gabriel Jesus (Striker)

Jesus showcased effective hold-up play and created space for teammates. Despite missing some scoring opportunities, his tireless work ethic was notable, though lacking the finishing touch.

Serbia National Football Team Player Ratings

Marko Dmitrović (Goalkeeper)

Dmitrović made crucial saves to keep Serbia in contention, displaying authority in aerial duels. While unable to prevent all goals, his resilience was evident throughout the match.

Stefan Mitrović (Center-Back)

Mitrović’s defensive contributions included welltimed tackles and a physical presence in aerial duels. Despite facing a formidable Brazilian attacking trio, he stood his ground admirably.

Nikola Milenković (Center-Back)

Milenković demonstrated composure in defense, making important clearances and contributing to offensive set-pieces with his height. His defensive resilience added solidity to Serbia’s backline.

Nemanja Gudelj (Midfielder)

Gudelj provided a crucial screen in front of the defense, displaying effective ball distribution and interceptions. Despite facing a formidable Brazilian midfield, he battled well in midfield.

Filip Mladenović (Left-Back)

Mladenović worked tirelessly defensively against Brazil’s threats, limiting his attacking involvement. His task of containing Neymar and Paquetá proved challenging.

Sergej Milinković-Savić (Central Midfielder)

Milinković-Savić delivered a standout performance, showcasing box-to-box energy and a goal-scoring threat. His versatility in both offensive and defensive phases made him a pivotal figure for Serbia.

Nemanja Radonjić (Right Midfielder)

Radonjić displayed pace and flair in offensive transitions, offering glimpses of creativity. His contributions, while promising, were limited against a resilient Brazilian defense.


The brazil national football team vs serbia national football team player ratings, with individual performances shaping the narrative. From Neymar’s sublime display to Serbia’s defensive resilience, each player contributed to the intensity of this clash between football titans. As the football world relishes in these performances, the anticipation for future matchups and the unfolding drama of international football continues to captivate fans worldwide.

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