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What Is The Best Method For Washing Cotton Socks?

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Usually, it can make the cotton content in more than 75% of the socks into pure cotton socks. The general cotton content in 85% is very high-quality It. In addition to cotton socks, adding some functional fibre is necessary to keep the socks elasticity, stretch, and comfortable. What are the benefits of cotton socks? Are our cotton socks deodorant? How do I wash cotton socks? Next, to understand the following knowledge about cotton socks.

The cotton content of cotton socks is generally 70%-85%, and other components of 15%-30% of the elastic fibre (such as spandex, nylon, etc.). Theoretically, 100% cotton socks are not flexible, so adding high-quality elastic fibre (such as lycra) will give you a comfortable pair of high-quality cotton socks; 100% cotton socks (except thread stretchy) have become synonymous with high-end, comfortable it.

Two Benefits Of Cotton Socks

Cotton socks with soft and comfortable feet, not burning, not smelly, sweat absorption, and permeability are excellent characteristics. The sweat absorption characteristics of cotton socks will make you feel dry and comfortable on any occasion; put on a pair of smelly feet and not wet and stuffy cotton socks. Easy to give the feet the sweat of friends is a best choice.

If it is polyester or acrylic socks make of chemical fibre. The appearance looks like pure cotton socks, but the wear on foot will seem slippery, terrible smell, congestion, etc., the foot feel and comfort are naughty.

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From the qualitative, go up to look above all the material: At present, the deodorant socks on the market divide combed cotton and bamboo fibre into two types, so what has its distinction?

4 Cotton Socks

Touch: cotton socks feel plump, thick, and look the same thickness as socks; cotton feels delicate texture and pretty hard skeletons.

See: unadulterated cotton socks have aurora, with both hands will be socks. And try to pull the stockings and the body down at a 45-degree angle, to the light source to see if there is a flash of dazzling light, if any, be chemical fibre or components with high chemical fibre content.

Knead: the cotton socks will knead after the noticeable crease, the socks are folde scratching the nails, the socks will unfold after a fine wrinkle, and the chemical fibre cloth will knead after holding without creases.

Burning: cotton fibre near the flame does not melt, does not shrink, contact with fire immediately burning, burning smell of burning paper. After boiling, it was grey and white soft fine flocculant ash, no coke.

How Do I Wash Cotton Socks?

Cotton socks, in general, to wash frequently, for dirt, more cotton socks change, that is, in the dripping water for half an hour or so, and then clean the soap and warm water washing, so that dirt is easy to clean. Then, put a little vinegar on your socks to eliminate the smell. The main constituent of vinegar is acetic acid; it has an antiseptic cleaning effect, can still remove the sour smell, and is a natural cleaner.

The stink of socks can not only purify but also allow the vinegar to seep deep into the hose fibre to remove the dirt entirely and, at the same time, can provide an effective antiseptic to the sock. Vinegar is also a natural softening and brightening agent, which can reduce the discolouration of socks and prevent them from flattering, stiff and stiff.

As far as possible, washing separately and paying attention to washing before prolonged soaking can effectively extend the service life of the socks. When you take the air, please avoid the sunlight at close range as much as possible; it can make the sock colour stay longer and not angry, not fade. Drying socks can cause them to age quickly, harden, lose elasticity, and, especially, shine.

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