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Dry Conditioner – Defination, Advantages, Disadvantages, And More

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Are you one of those who love taking care of their hair and trying a new product? Then you will love to know the dry conditioner! This cosmetic is not so new, but it is gaining more and more strength among women looking for practicality for everyday life, uniting a series of benefits in a single product. Learn more about dry conditioner and discover why it’s worth investing in it.

What Is Dry Conditioner?

It is a product designed to help you in the daily rush and even make you more beautiful, taking care of your wires. Contrary to what many think, it does not replace the conventional conditioner! He is a compliment. As its name implies, it is a dry product used when the hair is not wet (nor humid), and that comes in the form of a spray. Its primary function is to give shine, softness, and protection in a few minutes. But its benefits don’t end there.

The Advantages Of Dry Conditioner:

The dry conditioner keeps the strands hydrated, even those dry ends so undesirable and light. So, if you have dry and curly hair, you can safely use a dry conditioner. Trust me; you will notice the change from the first application.

In addition to moisturizing, it also prevents dehydration from occurring since it has actives that close the scales of the wires and at the same time form a protective film that does not let your hair dehydrate, especially if exposed to the sun.

Decreases frizz, nourishes, and gives shine! All instantly – practicality, of course! In addition to helping to eliminate curly hair, it has assets that nourish the hair and leave it with an incredible shine.

It can be used at any time of the day. You can carry it everywhere (it fits easily in the toiletry bag), and you can use it whenever you think your hair is dry and lackluster – as long as it is moderately, of course, as any excess product on the strands can bad.

The Disadvantages Of Dry Conditioner:

It is advisable to use the dry conditioner two to three times a week. Because it works, in a way, as a leave-in that, if used a lot, can damage the wires and provide the opposite effect to what you want.

If you have very oily hair, it is not advisable to use this product very often, as in this case, the oiliness can increase. Pass cautiously, without exaggerating the amount, and only on the ends!

It is recommended that the dry conditioner is not used when the hair is dirty. It can make you even heavier. So try to always use it with clean wires, after being washed – with regular shampoo and conditioner – and being dry!

But How Should I Use The Product?

It’s straightforward! After washing your hair as usual, including the traditional conditioner in the wash, you can either blow dry your hair or let it dry naturally. If you choose to blow-dry it, you must wait for the hair to cool down before applying the dry conditioner. Apply the product 30 centimeters from the hair and then comb through. There, your hair will be prettier and healthier looking in a matter of minutes.

Product suggestions:

As commented at the beginning of the text, the dry conditioner does not replace the use of the conventional conditioner at the time of washing. We recommend Seda Refreshing Purity Conditioner, which promises to remove all residues and purify the wires, keeping them hydrated.

The  Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner is indicated for dry and lackluster hair and promises to nourish while hydrating and to detangle the wires.

TRESemmé  Smooth and Silky Conditioner help to align hair strands from root to tip, taming unruly strands and leaving your hair soft and silky, but without increasing volume or weighing it down.

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