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Hair Color Write For UsHair color determines by the quantity of a color called melanin. The most significant amount of one type of melanin, eumelanin, gives people black or brown hair. The plenty of another pigment, pheomelanin, determines that people are redheaded. Hair tones indicate how light or dark the pigmentation of a hair is.

What hair colors are there?

The hair colors in nature are black, brown, blonde, red, or a combination of some of these colors. For example, golden red, which is red mixed with blonde, or dark blonde, which is blonde mixed with brown. Black color is the most common.

The pigment that determines hair color is melanin. There are two types of melanin: eumelanin (black, brown, or reddish) and pheomelanin (yellow to orange). The different concentrations of these two pigments will determine the color of the mane. Thus, brown hair has a high eumelanin load, and blonde hair is deficient.

What hair color will be in fashion in 2023?

Dark brown

Following the release of Merlina, a gothic vibe has set the tone among the younger generations. So it’s no surprise that dark, saturated hair colors like black or dark brown are some of the most requested in salons (and favorites of both Jenna Ortega and Nicola Peltz).

If you choose any of these shades, you can ask your stylist to lower one or two shades from the mid-lengths to the ends with a dye with golden or copper undertones.

Chocolate Cherry

With brown and reddish undertones, the chocolate cherry color is luscious and irresistible, just like a cherry. Neither light nor dark, bright and saturated, this one fuses red and dark brown, two hair trends that have come to conquer 2023.

Strawberry brunette

Strawberry brown is a light brown shade with pink undertones, which is perfect if you have brown skin and dark hair. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Barbie Ferreira —and in Mexico, the influencer Anna Sarelly— have taken it upon themselves to make it an object of desire. However, the popularity of red hair has been increasing for a couple of years. You can also experiment with a copper or mahogany tint if you like.

Peachy gold

Sweet and soft as a peach, this warm hair color fuses the warmth of a golden blonde with a touch of copper or orange. It is ideal for those looking for an intermediate between intense and pastel tones (2022 trend). Of course, this option requires constant tweaking.

Champagne blonde

Champagne blonde is a luminous hair color with golden, platinum, or pink undertones. Its pearly look has taken off, from the runway to the streets, and will remain a favorite all year long. It is also a soft coloration, neither too warm nor too cold. This one is flattering on any skin tone with the proper fusion of light and shadow.

Golden chestnut

Trend reports for 2023 show a bias toward warm, sophisticated, natural-looking tones. Such is the case of golden chestnut, with brown or reddish reflections. When exposed to sunlight, it is a rich tint that pops out with shine and a healthy look.

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