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Hypertrophic Scars: What They Are And How To Treat Them

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Hypertrophic scars: During life, it is common for our body to acquire spots of various types, but some are more visible and difficult to treat than others. For example, have you heard about hypertrophic scars?

Often confused with keloids, this type of mark arises from a change in the healing process and generates a lot of aesthetic discomfort for the patient. The good news is that actions for this problem are increasingly advanc, and you can recover the area and get immensely satisfying results.

In this post, we will explain a little more about this type of scar and how it can affect self-esteem. In addition to showing the experience of those who bet on silicone strips for treatment. Could you keep reading to check it out?

What Are Hypertrophic Scars?

These are marks caus excessive collagen production in the skin in response to injuries. They can appear after interventions, surgeries. Or injuries and are more common in people who do not have white skin, such as blacks and Asians.

Hypertrophic scars are characteriz as being elevat and tense and restricted to the margins of the original lesion; that is, they do not extend around the trauma. These marks usually manifest from the second week of healing of the lesion and may present itching, redness. And pain. In some cases, they spontaneously recede over time.

Administrator Gabriela Del Santo, 41, saw her hypertrophic scars emerge after breast implant surgery. At the time, her doctor didn’t think it was necessary to use silicone patches for recovery. But she noticed that, over time, the scar started to look weird, which ended up requiring further surgery.

How Do You Distinguish It Since Other Types Of Scars?

As we said, it is widespread for people to confuse hypertrophic scars with keloids. But the two types have apparent differences.

Keloids are scars that have abnormal growth, going beyond the limits of the lesion itself and often causing discomfort. On the other hand. Hypertrophic scars have a higher texture than the surrounding skin but will restrict the lesion site.

In addition to this extension area, another significant difference is that the keloid does not recede naturally and is more challenging to eliminate. Also. It presents a high risk of reappearance, even after surgical elimination processes.

Is It Possible To Prevent Its Appearance?

You can, yes, prevent the formation of hypertrophic scars. In the case of surgeries, when the patient informs the surgeon that he has hearing problems, he will adopt preventive measures both in the surgical technique and in the type of suture as well as in excessive manipulation and tissue trauma.

During the postoperative period, the patient will also advise using gel or silicone plates to prevent the appearance of scars. That’s what happened to Gabriela. However. After the second surgery, her doctor recommended that she use only the silicone patch to prevent the problem.

How Can Hypertrophic Scars Affect People’s Lives?

Very apparent scars can directly affect the patient’s self-esteem. For example, our client, Gabriela, reports that she did not feel comfortable wearing a bikini or even going to the beach before the treatment with the silicone patches. However, with the treatment results today, she feels much calmer about her body.

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Why Use Superbia’s Silicone Strips And Plates?

The silicone strips and plates are simple and can be painlessly apply to any body part. Like Gabriela, Jefferson Eduardo da Silva Trega used the Superbia stickers after a work accident that left his left arm with a big wound.

Your plastic surgeon recommended treatment. After the accident, he had to undergo ten surgical procedures, and in the last seven months, he used silicone tapes to eliminate hypertrophic scars.

How To Use The Superbia Boards And Adhesive Tapes?

Superbia’s silicone adhesive patches and tapes must will apply directly to the scar and do not need any additional medication. They are produce with medical-grade silicone and act in continuous hydration, in addition to providing a slight compression, helping the process of reducing the thickness and improving the treat region’s colour, texture, and uniformity.

As we have seen, hypertrophic scars are lesions caus unregulated collagen production, which leaves the mark high and compromises aesthetics. However, although they are confuse with keloids, their treatment is more straightforward, and it is possible to have satisfactory results in skin texture.

Superbia’s silicone tapes and plates can assist in this improvement and will approve and recommend our customers. In addition to reducing the thickness and height of the surgeries, they hydrate the region, leaving the skin more beautiful and improving the patient’s self-esteem. Understand better:

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