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Introduction – Http Www Lista De Espera Madrid Org

Http Www Lista De Espera Madrid Org – The unspoken waiting list is the group of patients who, at a specific moment, are waiting to receive a particular care provision due to imperatives beyond the patient’s control.

“Explicit” waiting lists are common to all publicly funded health systems. Particularly those characterised by maintaining a closed general budget and a salary link with their professionals.

The benefits of certain levels of waiting in a system of public and universal financing have been defended. On the one hand, it favours the planned use of resources with the consequent increase in efficiency. Other times they have been used as a filter to moderate or contain the excessive use of demand or even as an instrument of pressure or influence of certain professionals. It allows patients to organise their private affairs.

However, from a technical and ethical point of view, the waiting lists should not include any patient whose waiting could compromise their evolution or the prognosis of their pathological process or who are likely to generate sequelae, nor should they include methods whose waiting is considered socially unacceptable.

Status of the Surgical Waiting list – Http Www Lista De Espera Madrid Org

1. Data by hospital and processes/pathologies: Http Www Lista De Espera Madrid Org

In the consultation service, you can find the surgical waiting list by process/pathology in each hospital. Number of active patients on the waiting list and average delay (average time patients on the waiting list have been waiting at the time of court). The information is offered monthly or weekly from the first week of January 2020.

The processes and pathologies that are monitored are:

  • varicose veins, lower limbs
  • hernia inguinal / ventral
  • cholelithiasis
  • pilonidal cyst
  • cataract
  • tonsils/adenoids
  • hip replacement
  • knee prosthesis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • knee arthroscopy
  • hallux valgus
  • benign prostatic hyperplasia.

2. Data by Hospital and Speciality: Http Www Lista De Espera Madrid Org

The situation query service allows you to determine the status of the surgical waiting list by speciality in each of the hospitals: number of active patients on the waiting list and average delay (average time that patients on the waiting list have been waiting at the time of cut). A speciality can attend to one or several processes included in the surgical waiting list.

3. Personalised Consultation: Http Www Lista De Espera Madrid Org

So if you are on the coming-up list for surgical intervention. You can go ahead and consult your personalised situation by using the online consultation.

To access this facility, you will need to complete the following:

  • Your date of birth
  • The code of four groups of five digits that the waiting list management unit will have given you when registering you on the waiting list.

Once you access the personalized consultation, you will receive information about your patient data, the process for which you are awaiting surgical intervention. The procedure and type of surgery scheduled, the established priority, the date on which the preoperative and the average waiting time of the patients who intervene in that Service before you.

Please let me know the number of people currently awaiting intervention in the Service with a more significant delay than you.

Madrid Has 80,000 Patients on the Waiting List for Surgery

A total of 79,444 patients are pending surgery in the Community of Madrid after the change in the criteria on the waiting list. Which will now take into account calendar days instead of business days and will not exclude citizens who reject referrals to other centres.

Therefore in this way, the Madrid Health Service returns to the computer system used by the National Health System after years of using its model.

The Community of Madrid expel from the national calculation in 2005 -under the Government of Esperanza Aguirre. After verifying the waiting list count from the moment, the patient was seen by the anesthesiologist, not before.

From now on, in the Community of Madrid, it will count from the moment in which the surgeon gives the go-ahead for the operation. As explained in a press conference by the Minister of Health, Jesus Sanchez Martos. Who has assured that the figures The current ones are “real”. However, he has avoided directly criticizing the management of previous PP governments.

Madrid has Reduced its Surgical Waiting List for the First Time in More than a Year.

It stands at 62 days on average, 32 less than in August 2021 and half of the national delay figure.

The waiting list for surgical interventions in public hospitals in Madrid has reduced in March for the first time in more than a year. Specifically, it stood at 62 days on average, the lowest figure since the pandemic, and 32 days less than in August 2021. So, they explain in the Ministry of Health, despite the increase in the number of patients with the decrease in Covid cases. Which has translated into more doctor visits and resuming on many occasions. These processes  place on hold during the pandemic.

In March, patients pending non-urgent surgery in public hospitals waited, according to official data, 62 days. Which is 30 per cent less than in August 2021. In total, 90,317 patients were in March at waiting for surgical intervention. According to the current data from the Ministry of Health, these two months of Madrid average are half of the 121 days expects in Spain.

Conclusion – Http Www Lista De Espera Madrid Org

So you can consult the data on the situation of the surgical waiting list. Outpatient consultations and diagnostic/therapeutic tests of the hospitals of the public network of the Community of Madrid. Both global data, as well as by hospitals, specialties and processes/pathologies. Furthermore, patients can also find out about their particular situation through the personalised online consultation offer.

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