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Permiso Para Circular – Performs, Needed and More

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Permiso Para Circular – It is permitted to enter the Center and Courts pedestrian areas from Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. However, those who own or rent garages in the restricted perimeter can only process it online.

Until November 30, 2022, circulation through the Downtown and Pedestrian Courts areas will continue without entry restrictions. Therefore, until that date, you will not have to process or renew any circulation permit to enter these areas with your vehicle.

Who Performs? – Permiso Para Circular

The vehicle owner or Legal Representative.

What is Needed? – Permiso Para Circular


  1. Official identification documents
  • Voting Credential – Original and Simple Copy(s)
  • or Passport – Original and Simple Copy(s)
  • Or Professional Certificate – Original and Simple Copy(s)
  • or Driver’s License – Original and Simple Copy(s)
  • or Military Service Card – Original and Simple Copy(s)
  • Or Residence Card – Original and Simple Copy(s)
  1. Legal personality accreditation documents

Legal entities: Articles of Incorporation, Power of Attorney and Official Identification of the representative or agent. – Original and Simple Copy(s)

Individuals: Power of Attorney signed before two witnesses and identification of the interested party and the person carrying out the procedure. – Original and Simple Copy(s)

  1. Proof of address
  • Water Service Ticket – Original and Simple Copy(s)
  • or Bank account statement – Original and Simple Copy(s)
  • or Property Tax Ballot – Original and Simple Copy(s)
  • or Certificate of Residence – Original and Simple Copy(s)
  • or Statement of telephone service account – Original and Simple Copy(s)
  • Or Electricity Service Receipt – Original and Simple Copy(s)
  1. Proof of payment of permit fees, original and Copy.
  2. Proof of ownership in original and Copy, such as: – Invoice or if it is on credit Letter Current Invoice not older than 30 days accompanied by the Copy without the value of the original invoice. So you’ll need to submit endorsements and rebills if you are not the sole owner. In case of loss or robbery of the invoice, you must present the Voluntary Jurisdiction trial’s first admission agreement to prove the vehicle’s ownership from models 2000 onwards or testimonial faith before a notary.
  3. Proof of payment of ownership or endorsements for the current year and the previous five years (depending on the case of the car model) in original and also Copy.
  4. In case of being a used vehicle, present the cancellation of private car plates.

How, Where and When Permiso Para Circular carried out


  1. Generate your capture line by entering the Ministry of Finance
  2. Make the corresponding payment
  3. It is presented in the AAC (authorised Vehicle Control Modules)
  4. Present the payment of rights and the other requested documents.
  5. Receives, reviews, collates, prepares permission and delivers it to the citizen.

Which are the requirements? – Permiso Para Circular

The permit is necessary for the person who requests it and proves that they are authorised to use the vehicle.

Those who have reduced mobility may process the permit in their name, irrespective of whether or not they have a vehicle in their name (they can accredit a family member’s car to enter the area).

Both sides of the DNI must be attached (front and back) in PDF or JPG format.

Could you attach the vehicle title?

VTV form (for vehicles that do not require the VTV due to age, they must attach the car’s title where the model justifies it ).

Could you attach proof of CUIT if the request corresponds to a Company vehicle?

If the vehicle is pledged: the proof linking the car with the applicant must be attached.

So, you can only apply for one permit for each garage you own or rent within the restricted perimeter.

The permit can assign up to two cars per garage (these vehicles may not circulate simultaneously within the area).

Therefore, people with disabilities who have the International Symbol of Access must carry out the procedure to be able to circulate within the new restricted area.

You must have all the documentation scanned.

Steps to carry out the procedure – Permiso Para Circular

1. Register on the page and start the process

Enter the page to make the Request for Permit to Enter Pedestrian Areas with an email, not Hotmail.

2. Validate your email box

So you can do it through the link that will arrive in your email.

3. Fill in your data and garage information

Therefore please attach the required documentation and select the corresponding area to get your permit.

4. Check your inbox

So, in 10 days, you will receive an email telling you how to continue.

5. Documentation validation

So that you know, you will receive an email with the corresponding observation if the documentation entered is incomplete or wrong. Therefore you can, from your session, enter from Circulation Permits and go to the option: Attach documentation. Thus, in it, you can load only the observed files again.

6. make the payment

If it is appropriate to pay, you will receive the ticket by email or download it from managing my permits (this will happen once the license approves).

7. You will receive an email with the entry authorisation

You will be able to verify it within your session in Manage Permissions.

Therefore for those users who do not need to pay the permit, the procedure’s status to start circulating must be Approved Entity.

So, for those users who must pay the permit, the procedure’s status to start circulating must be Approved Entity – Confirmed payment.

So you’ll need to verify this step and not print it.

More information – Permiso Para Circular

Just so you know, if you unsubscribe from the gcba emails, you will not be able to receive the appointment confirmation email, so you must contact 147 to indicate an alternative email.

  1. Your permission will be exclusive to the selected area. So if you need to circulate through both places, you’ll need one for each.
  2. The following actors must pay the permit:
  • Non-Resident Individual.
  • Remises and taxis not registered in CABA.
  • Outsourced Public Services Company.
  • Tourism Transport Company.
  • Hotels.
  1. The Permit will be exempt from payment for the following actors:
  • Particular Resident.
  • People with reduced mobility.
  • Parents or guardians of children of initial or primary school age.
  • Public Service Companies.
  • Postal transport companies or bank values.
  • Armored transport vehicles and compensation of bank funds, funeral services, newspaper distribution vehicles, manufactured concrete transport trucks, automotive mechanical assistance units and mobile radio and also television outdoor equipment.
  1. Therefore, you can enter freely by public transport, taxi, bicycle and on foot.

Conclusion – Permiso Para Circular

Permiso Para Circular – The owners or legal representatives must carry out a procedure when a new or used vehicle will not be definitively registered and transferred to another Federal Entity or when they acquire a new car for adaptation without bodywork.

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