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The skin lotion, also known as an essence, has a light, watery texture and is similar to a toner. We recommend applying it similarly, either with a cotton pad or by touching it with your fingers. It can have various functions depending on the ingredients included in its formula. To help gently exfoliate, many of them contain alpha-hydroxy or beta-hydroxy acids. They are also indicated to improve skin imperfections, such as unifying the tone or enlarged pores.

Below we discuss a skin lotion that will increase the benefits of the treatments.

To improve skin quality, an exfoliating essence is fascinating for oily and combination skin. Moisturizing substances are very suitable for dry and dehydrated skin. Anti-aging elements for skin that seeks to delay the mark of aging, such as loss of luminosity, etc.

What is the function of Skin Lotions?

The purpose of skin lotion and moisturizer is the same. Skin lotion hydrates your skin the same as a moisturizer but in a lighter way. They are made to trap moisture in your skin and seal it with the benefits you have put on before this step. Those who like to use the lotion with cream in their daily routine to keep more hydration in their skin afterward can use their usual moisturizer.

We suggest using skin lotion that deeply hydrates and gives elasticity to the skin formulated with pure water and natural extracts from Jeju Island. Extracts for oily skin.

When do we use the Lotion?

The lotion would apply just after the eye contour (this step always goes before the moisturizer), so we would put our favorite serum or flask, the shape, and the lotion. As a trick, so we could continue with the moisturizer if you suffer from dehydration or are worried about expression lines. Therefore, it would be as follows:

So, those who use the lotion without adding the moisturizer to their routine.

  • oil-based cleanse
  • water-based cleaning
  • tonic
  • essence
  • ampoules of serum
  • eye contour
  • Lotion
  • sun protection

Skin Lotions that we have in Arbosana Farmacia

gh + Cristina Miter 5 Azelaic-S Gema Herrerias daily exfoliating lotion: formulated with azeloglycine, salicylic acid, and cotton extract, with depigmenting action, balances the skin and keeps pores clean, preventing the formation of blackheads and comedones. In addition, it improves the skin’s texture by increasing its luminosity.

Intensive Propolis+ Zinc Lotion-Serum from Institut Esthderm: combines the properties of propolis and zinc. Purifies the skin, acts on shine, and visibly reduces residual marks left by imperfections, typical of combination and oily skin.

Very Rose Luminosity Peeling Lotion by Nuxe: peeling lotion for daily gentle exfoliation, eliminating dead cells for smoother, more radiant, and uniform skin.

gh Cristina Miter Triple H Essence from Gema Herrerias: daily use lotion, created with a minimalist formula so that the skin is hydrated at any time of the day, keeps the hydrolipidic barrier intact, and exerts an anti-aging effect on the skin. Therefore in its formula, a complex of hyaluronic acid and mineral salts stands out.

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