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Kobido: How is the skin-rejuvenating massage performed?

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Kobido: Undoubtedly, we are great warriors seeking to fulfil our professional and personal demands daily with total organization and excellence. However, a hectic routine requires moments of relaxation and self-care to renew energy and have mood in the coming days. Allied to this is the kobido massage.

Due to greater access to information, many people could practically learn ancient techniques that solve everyday problems. But, undeniably, those constantly looking to organize their time were excited to invest in such options.

Today we will know a little more about this solution. So stay with us, pay attention to the information on the topics below, and have a good read.

What Is Kobido Massage, And How Did It Come About

At first, when samurai returned from battle, they needed to use techniques that provided a balance between mind and body. From this point of view, kobido massage is increasingly present in the routine of these families. After all, it has maintained its relevance and conquered new adherents since 1472.

In addition to bringing an absolute feeling of relaxation, people began to notice that the skin, after performing such a procedure, became soft and luminous. Soon, it became the main natural alternative for people who want to fight the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles.

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The Benefits Of Kobido Massage

First, it is possible to highlight skin rejuvenation. At the same time, kobido stimulates 16 muscles in the face and promotes cell regeneration. In addition, it allows the fight against facial sagging, favouring collagen production through shiatsu movements and other effective techniques.

As we mentioned earlier, it helps in preventing wrinkles and expression lines. However, massage is also beneficial for improving circulation and fighting stress. By doing it at least three times a week, the individual will notice the difference and see how much this investment contributes to their quality of life.

Which Areas Usually Receive The Massage

The individual can perform the kobido massage on himself or another person. However, following specific steps and knowing his movements is necessary. First, applying a moisturizer to the chosen area and massaging it before starting the process is essential.

Some people are currently using anti-ageing cream or another solution they know already knows the origin. Some perform meditation at the end to establish a balance between the physical and the mental. However, it is up to each one.

Then, use the tip of your index finger to make “sweeping” movements in the area bounded by the two V-fingers of your other hand. Parallel to this, the areas that usually receive massage can be the chin, neck, temples, cheeks, and other parts of the face. Usually, the signal varies between 10 to 15 times.

Finally, oxygenate the skin with a deep breath and aspiration. You will undoubtedly feel a sense of comfort and well-being with kobido. So, be sure to enjoy this beneficial and ancient technique. Take a look at how the kobido massage will do in practice:

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