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Are you a Tomboy too? But These Symptoms Are Yours Too

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Tomboy: All girls want to look unique and beautiful when they go out. But not everyone cares much about dressing that makes them different. Although all the girls act the same in many respects, some are different in some respects. They know this too. Nowadays, many girls (girls) like to be like a tomboy (tomboys). If you, too, want to be a tomboy, you will understand these things very well. You, too, may have these symptoms. That is.

Does the minor thing make you cry? But this is for you.

They Think About Comfort, Not About Trend

Do you also not care much about any changes in trends? Don’t you like standing in front of the wardrobe for an hour and thinking about when you must leave the house? But you are a tomboy..! If you want to go out, wear jeans, a hoodie, and a shirt. Because fashion comes today and goes tomorrow, you don’t think you have time to think about it.

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 Shorts Will Preferr Over Skirts.

It is enough to wear a skirt.. how to sit.. what to do should be thought about carefully—keeping the dress from riding up even while standing is difficult. That’s why you love to wear shorts. They also have pockets. So you don’t even need to carry a separate wallet.

No Baboy.

You don’t like wearing a bra and bothering your breasts. Sometimes they wear it if necessary but feel like they are in prison. You may also find it difficult to breathe while wearing it. That is why a sports bra is worn if necessary. Other than that, all the different bra styles are the things that you don’t need.

High Heels

What girl doesn’t love high heels? Many people like to wear them. Such is the bond girls have with them. They love and hate them. But to you, they look like your enemies. Nothing in the world gives you more peace than them. That’s why you show interest in wearing sneakers. It feels good to be able to wear them wherever you go.

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 Make-up. Is It Necessary?

I was applying makeup is.. looking like the hardest thing in the world for you. Mascara sticks inside the eye. The eyeliner is smudged and gives a moon-face look. The lipstick smudges. It seems that lip balm is enough instead of all these.

How Great Are Video Games?

Girls ask ‘what do you want as a present..’ like a beautiful dress or a make-up kit. But you ask for something like a new play station or x xbox. Sometimes you have to cancel all plans to play games with your friends.

Salad For Dinner? Who Eats It?

You are the type to think that I am not a buffalo to eat leaves. To maintain health.. to stay thin.. all girls eat salad dinner, but you eat pizza and burger. You feel I am not such a small child to eat a salad.

 Happiness Is Only When You Laugh Hard.

If you like a joke, you will laugh as hard as you want. You don’t know things like holding back laughter or laughing slowly. You will find happiness in laughing out loud.

 We Play Anywhere.

Playing football, basketball at home, kite flying, running around with kids, boating, betting with friends, or many more are your habits.

 You Know How To Deflect Criticism

Many people are afraid to put up with you. You know how to deflect criticism from someone. Also, if any of your friends are laughing at you, you have an excellent quality to join them and laugh.

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