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Ashley Piercing Jewelry Style and Guide

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Ashley Piercing Jewelry and piercings are trendy, especially among women. If you are thinking of getting a lip piercing, you likely have doubts about what type to perform. At the Chameleon Tattoo piercing and tattoo studio today, we want to tell you everything you need to know about the Ashely piercing. So that you have all the information you need to know before getting an Ashley piercing, remember that if you want to know more about lip piercings, you will find more information on our blog about piercings and tattoos.

One of the few lip piercings on the lip itself, the Ashley piercing offers an alluring look that pairs fantastically with the lipstick it appears on. It is a piercing for those who have beautiful lips and know it.

While the Ashely piercing is similar to the vertical labret piercing, the technical period for the Ashely piercing is the reverse vertical labret piercing – the exit point appears in the mouth rather than under the lip, providing a unique piercing appearance. Decorated with a simple pearl, gemstone or charm, the Ashley piercing offers a unique, minimalist look that promises a lot of positive attention.

What Is Ashley Piercing?

The Ashley piercing is a type of piercing that is done on the lip. It differs from other Ashley Piercing Jewelry because it is not done just below the lip but on the lip itself. It will locate on the lower lip, in the centre. So it is a very subtle and elegant jewel derived from the traditional perforations of the indigenous tribes of Ethiopia. This perforation is made by making a single hole, so the gem is only visible from the outside, leaving another interior area that will not be visible. The Ashley piercing is a piercing in the centre of the lower lip that can also be worn with a curved barbell so that two piercings are made, one in the lip and one just below it.

How Is It Done?

To make an Ashley piercing, we need a professional needle to pierce the lip from one side to the other. When we get an Ashely piercing, we will feel a slight prick in the area; the pain scale of this type of piercing is 6 or 7 out of 10. Once again, we would like to clarify that it will always depend on each person. We each have our pain threshold. Once pierced, the chosen jewel is placed, which will always be of the highest quality to avoid infections.

How Much Does The Ashley Piercing Hurt?

In spite of its location on the sensitive lip, the Ashley piercing is relatively easy in terms of pain. Most report mid-level discomfort that goes away quickly. While much of the discomfort you feel will be up to your individual pain tolerance, a reputable piercer will be able to guide you through breathing exercises and conduct the piercing smoothly and quickly, resulting in less pain. Therefore, it’s important to do your research and find a reputable piercer for your Ashley piercing.

Ashley Piercing Healing Process

Typically, the Ashley piercing heals in 3 to 4 months, but it could take longer depending on your care and your body’s ability to heal. Piercings also appear fully healed before they are, so you should have a piercer take a look and confirm that healing is complete before stopping aftercare practices.

Piercings Side Effects

Infection: “Creating a [piercing] that drives as of the outer to the inner of the lip can rise the risk of infection. A piercing in the lip can be tricky as food can get stuck about the piercing itself.”

Scarring: If your jewelry becomes irritated during the healing process and the skin becomes more traumatized, you can create a scar. These can contaminate the piercing site, but are ultimately not harmful.

Swelling: It’s common for lip piercings to swell, and you can expect that with Ashley’s piercings. Ashley’s piercings should replace once they have fully healed, as the bar a piercer uses is usually longer than necessary to accommodate this swelling.

The Sexy And Daring Ashley Piercing

At Camaleon Tattoo, we are lovers of piercings and tattoos, and we find thousands of reasons to wear a lip piercing. Often, our clients find aesthetic reasons to get a lip piercing like Ashley. In the case of the Ashely piercing, we consider it a very sexy and striking piercing that will not leave anyone indifferent. Something different and daring.

Ashley Piercing Care

Piercings and tattoos require specific care to prevent infection. In the case of lip piercings, care must be even more specific. As it is an area that is always moist and is in contact with many bacteria. It is easier for it to become infected. Please pay special attention to our recommendations to take care of your Ashley piercing. The first advice must  apply before doing the piercing. From Camale on Tattoo, we always remember the importance of choosing a specific center, qualified and prepared for it. Please don’t play it and ensure they follow all hygiene and safety measures.

To care for an Ashley piercing, it is essential to avoid using tobacco or alcohol for several weeks. It is a perforation in the oral cavity that can cause serious infections. Maintaining good oral hygiene and using specific mouthwashes without alcohol are also very important. In the outer area of ​​the piercing, we must follow the same care as with any other piercing. Clean the area with water and neutral soap at least three times daily. It was helping us with a swab if necessary.

Avoid snagging the piercing or pulling on it with your lips. Please do not change the jewel or handle it with dirty hands. Washing your hands well before performing the cures is essential to carrying out a good cleaning. The approximate healing time is between 8 and 10 weeks, so that that consistency will be your best ally. Avoid direct contact with anyone for several days. And follow all recommended hygiene measures to avoid infection. When in doubt, consult your doctor or come to our studio.

Ashley Piercing Style Guide

The Ashley piercing usually shows a single piece on the outside, with a flat part on the inside of the mouth. At Camaleon Tattoo, we have a wide range of piercings in our store in Lugo. The most used for the Ashely piercing are those made of stainless steel or acrylic materials. These are elegant and classic pieces that have a ball on the outside.   The best thing about this type of jewelry is combining them using different jewelry for different occasions or events.

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