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Barrel Sauna Write For Us

Barrel Sauna Write For UsBarrel Sauna is a garden sauna shaped like a barrel (= ton). Due to the round shape, heat does not accumulate in the corners. Saab barrels heated with a wood-fired sauna heater are half an hour ‘sauna ready,’ an electric one. The sauna heater takes a little longer time. The barrel sauna differs from the traditional indoor sauna room; it is large and rounded like a barrel, with a door at one “end” of the barrel to enter and exit the sauna.

Why is a Barrel Sauna so effective?

A barrel sauna is effective due to several factors, including:

Heats up quickly

With less unused space (imagine a circle within a square), the barrel design allows the heater to do its job faster and more efficiently.

Distributes heat

In a square sauna, the heat trap in the ceiling. Heat is pushed down the curved sides and into the sauna in a barrel sauna as new heat rises from the heater.

Save energy

Because there is less unused air space for heating, less energy is required to heat the room. In addition, the thick staves are excellent insulators, and the sauna’s exterior will remain calm.

Accommodates temperature flow

The ball joint assembly of a barrel sauna allows the wood to expand and contract within the steel bands, creating a tight seal that won’t break.

Structural sound

Constructed of solid wood staves, a barrel sauna’s structural integrity stands up to even the harshest outdoor environment. Notched teams create a firm, secure fit that will last a lifetime without the overuse of fasteners.

Extraordinarily comfortable

Sit across from another sauna bather with your back well supported against the curvature of the sauna wall, with enough room for your neck to remain straight.

It does not require maintenance

Barrel saunas shed water naturally and can handle a considerable snow load due to their structural integrity. Polymer support cradles allow you to place the barrel on any flat surface, and Therma wood is naturally resistant to water and insects.

Beautiful feature

Specifically designed for outdoor use, a barrel sauna makes a beautiful backdrop in your garden.

Why a Barrel Sauna in the Garden?

In the garden sauna, Let yourself enjoy the sauna-bath.

The Finns, sauna lovers par excellence, traditionally build their saunas in the middle of nature on the shores of a lake. After a warm sauna, you breathe fresh air and a refreshing dip in the icy water. It is an idyllic performance; after a steamy sauna session, one can outside shower from a tilting bucket to cool down.

Every visit to a sauna is a form of training. Going through the sauna ritual in peace gives a “boost” to both body and mind. Using the sauna promotes blood circulation, increases stamina, and makes the body clean and relaxed.

Outdoor saunas make the effect of a sauna -Returns even more intense because the heated body immediately comes into contact with fresh air after a sauna bath. With a cedar sauna barrel, the scent of cedar provides a more intense sauna experience.

A barrel sauna means added value for those who have installed a pool or pond in the garden. Using the sauna barrel warms up your body before swimming, allowing you to enjoy your months in the pool or pond.

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