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Cold Cream is used for skin treatment (as a face mask or lip balm) due to its moisturizing properties. It can also be used to take off makeupand as a shaving cream and operates in winter for dry skin.

A cold cream blends water and certain fats, including beeswax and fragrance agents, to smooth the skin and remove makeup. Cold Cream is a mixture of water in a larger amount of oil instead of the oil-in-water emulsion of vanishing Cream, so named because it seems to disappear when applied to the skin. The name “cold cream” derives from the cooling sensation that the Cream leaves on the skin. Variations of the product have been used for nearly 2,000 years.

Cosmetics with Cold Cream

The term Cold Cream comes from England and means cold Cream. It is so because the first Cold Creams provided a cold sensation when applied. Currently, the cosmetic industry tends to eliminate this cold sensation in many products incorporating Cold Cream. It is simply an emulsion of water and certain fats (or oils), such as beeswax, to which some perfume agents add: a simple and traditional formula, the best option to restore and repair the skin’s hydrolipidic film.

Cold Cream is good for your skin

Cold Cream or products with a Cold Cream base protect, soften, repair, and intensely moisturize the skin. It is effectively a cream that maintains a solid lipid barrier, protecting the skin in a particular way from all kinds of external aggressions, particularly the cold. That is why it especially recommends for people who work outdoors or practice winter sports. Babies having very fragile and sensitive skin also benefit from the properties of this Cream.

Extra products with Cold Cream for face, feet, hands

Once the cosmetic industry has verified the remarkable effectiveness of Cold Cream, it has chosen to incorporate it into many of its products. Gels, moisturizing kinds of milk, and shower products with Cold Cream leave the skin very soft and well-hydrated. Face and body creams repair and protect from dry skin.

Hand and foot creams are no exception! However, within the range of products with Cold Cream, cosmetics that incorporate a vegetable Cold Cream that is 100% naturalstand out, unlike other products that contain a chemically obtained Cold Cream. Products with vegetable Cold Cream are good for you, your body, and your baby. Effective and intensely moisturizing.

Gently removes makeup

Decades ago, it was one of the most common and well-known uses of Cold Cream, as we narrated in previous paragraphs. They applied the cold Cream to their faces, let it act for a few seconds, and then removed it as if it were cleansing milk. As a result, its texture will help you without damaging or irritating your face.

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