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Crocs is a world-innovative casual footwear for men, women, and children. For all seasons of the year, it offers a broad portfolio of products by crocs maintaining its strong legacy in molded footwear. The footwear material is Croslite material, a revolutionary technology that makes them light, Soft, and comfortable. The brand followers know the love and qualities; they do not absorb odors and do not leave marks.

Crocs receive you just as you celebrate the variety of those who use the brand. “Come as you are” motivates you to be unique and unrepeatable. Around the world, in more than 90 countries, it sold more than 300 million pairs of Crocs footwear.

Crocs were designed as spas sandals, so they launched at Boat Show. It promotion with crocs beach in 2002 at the Lauderdale Boat Show, in which 200 pairs immediately sold.

Types of Crocs

Crocs are especially liked by those who need comfortable and supporter models or are on their feet all day, such as health professionals, food workers, sailors, hairdressers, salespeople, travelers, or lovers of comfort. George B. Boedecker, the founder of the Crocs footwear brand, was an American businessman who dreamed of functional, fun, and perfect shoes for sailing. He turned his product into a phenomenon used by doctors, cooks, athletes, nature lovers, and even entire families in less than three years.

Model z, the eternal classic

It is one of the best sellers; this model known as Classic Z. One of the reviews that can perform analysis on Amazon reports the perfect condition of these shoes after two years of intensive work use, with an average weekly benefit of 40 hours. Its guards argue that it is a comfortable shoe that can use in almost any context: in the water, in the dry, if it is hot, for work, at home, at the pool, the beach, with bare feet, with socks.

With leather insert and drivable

If comfort is an indisputable quality in Crocs, durability is another of the main advantages of this product. Those who have used them explain that it is worth getting an authentic pair, which will be well worth its price when worn for a long time with total comfort, something that not guarantee with imitations. These shoes are especially beneficial for those who suffer from swollen legs and feet.

Fluffy all-terrain flip flops

Users of this model called Crocs Reviva Flip Women say that its simplicity offers everything that can be expected and desired in a sandal of this type. They are non-slip. With them, you can walk on stones and comfortably stand for many hours. You can see its material shape and feel a soft and fluffy base with a simple look.

Resistant and antibacterial

Even though the Amazon reviews of the model can recite that the color of the shoes was not as expected, based on what seems in the photo, many users confirm, once again, that these clogs are ideal for work in hospitals.

Total lightness on the feet

This model is incredibly light and has strips created for more excellent softness and flexibility, as well as grooves in the sole, which provide better traction in the water. Crocs flip flops are designed so that the foot can withstand the high temperatures of summer and spring. Thanks to the materials with which they make, they perspire perfectly, keeping the temperature and humidity not excessive.

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