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Diamond Ring Write For UsDepending on the occasion, there are different types of diamond rings. They are given away as engagement and engagement rings, especially diamond solitaire rings and diamond wedding bands. They are also rings that can be given as gifts on other occasions without making any kind of commitment, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas gifts, to provide several examples.

The most common metals to make this type of ring are 18-carat white gold or sterling platinum since the purity and color of the diamond stand out much more in white. In the case of solitaire rings, diamonds from 0.30 cts must always go with their respective gemological certificate from the GIA  of the United States and  HRD  and  IGI  of Antwerp because they are the most important and internationally recognized.

Home Tests to Know if your Diamond Ring is Authentic

Diamond jewelry is highly coveted, so it’s no surprise that those who own one want to confirm if it’s real. You can go to a trusted jeweler or test it yourself by following these reliable, cheap, simple procedures.

· Fog Test

This test to find out if your diamond ring is authentic is the cheapest, and it is also quite reliable. You have to place it in front of your mouth and mist it with your vapor, if the stone stays misted for more than two seconds, the diamond will be fake.

The reason this is so is because genuine diamonds disperse breath heat instantly. Therefore, they are not easy to tarnish. However, if you don’t believe it, you can also do the test with a fake stone. Then, you will see how it does stay spoiled for longer.

· UV Light Test

This test consists of placing the diamond directly under this type of light and checking whether the diamond has a bluish color. If so, your diamond ring will be accurate. The lighter the shade of blue, the purer it will be; therefore, its value will be higher.

Types of Diamond Rings

Diamond Solitaire Rings

The solitaire ring is a simple jewel made up of a metal ring, usually white gold, and a precious stone that is generally a brilliant-cut diamond, which is why it can also be called a brilliant solitaire ring. It is also often called a diamond solitaire or brilliant solitaire, although it has diamonds on the sides to accompany the central stone. These rings are undoubtedly the most used engagement rings and requested for being the most classic.

Diamond Wedding Rings

Brilliant-cut diamond wedding rings are the most traditional because they use the brilliant-cut, which is the most traditional. This type of carving is the most common for being the brightest of all, thanks to its 52 facets and perfect symmetry created to bounce light to make it shine. It is an authentic aesthetic marvel for the eyes of anyone. They can also be used as engagement and request rings or as a wedding bands for women.

Rosette Diamond Rings

Rosette or rosette rings have the same shape as the solitaire diamond but are made of small pave-set diamonds. It is an excellent option compared to diamond solitaire rings because it is less expensive since it does not have a large diamond and shines very similarly.

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