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Euphoric Feet Einlagen Höhle Der Löwen: Uses, Price and More

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The euphoric feet einlagen höhle der löwen insoles insert into the shoes, making tatty throughout the day. The manufacturer promises that the euphoric feet einlagen höhle der löwen have a massaging effect. It also includes the euphoric feet einlagen höhle der löwen, which stimulates 400 massage points in the feet. They ensure a nice foot massage with every step and are even said to be responsible for alleviating back pain.

Our feet are on their feet all day! They start their work early in the morning and carry us to the bathroom and to work. It is very strenuous for the feet, and it can happen that Euphoric Feet einlagen höhle der löwen your feet hurt in the evening. In such a case, the only thing that usually helps is to lie up and relax. Throughout the day, feet not only have to carry the weight of the body but also look good in a variety of shoes at the same time. High heels, sneakers and boots are select to match the outfit, and the feet must adapt to the situation.

How does work and Uses?

The Euphoric feet einlagen höhle der löwen insoles are special insoles that can insert into almost any shoe. The manufacturer has taken the trouble to create universal insoles that fit all shoe sizes and can be cut to size. The insoles have small nubs and unique magnets that massage the foot with every step. The nubs sit in amazing places known as acupuncture points. In total, an insole has 12 significant and 120 minor acupuncture points. By running, the acupuncture points press against the sole and the positive effect on health starts from the first step.

The manufacturer says it’s not a miracle cure for back pain or aching feet, but regular use can reduce back, leg, and foot pain. However, the manufacturer does not go into detail; therefore, not all health-promoting effects of it recognize.

Alleged promise of effectiveness

Euphoric feet are insoles for shoes with a massaging effect. The insoles are available in one size. As the manufacturer states on its website, small nubs and unique magnets on the Euphoric insoles intend to massage and stimulate particular points on the feet.

Overall, the insoles intend to stimulate 12 significant and 120 minor acupuncture points on the soles of the feet. These acupuncture points have several positive health effects.

According to the manufacturer, if the shoe soles tatty regularly, the following effect should occur:

  • Stress reduces
  • There is increased energy
  • The circuit support
  • pleasant foot massage thanks to massage points
  • Pain relief in feet, legs and back
  • improved well-being

In addition, there should be other health-promoting effects, as can be read on the manufacturer’s website. However, the manufacturer needs to go into detail at this point.

How do Euphoric Feet Einlagen Höhle Der Löwen help with migraines?

Many people suffer from recurring severe headaches that can occur at any time. Migraine is a mostly unilateral pain that often accompanies by nausea and vomiting. For those affected, the sudden pain and the surprise that comes with it are very unpleasant.

The reasons for this still need to be clarified. Genetic factors seem to play a role. Disorders of various messenger substances, so-called neurotransmitters, are probably the trigger. Other reasons can also be stress, lack of sleep, physical strain or hormonal fluctuations.

However, thanks to extensive studies, the independent consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest states that acupuncture is very well suited to relieving migraines, headaches, and neck pain and reducing nausea and vomiting. Acupuncture can, therefore, successfully mitigate symptoms.

That’s why insoles like those from Euphoric feet are a good chance for pain reduction. With the help of the 120 minor and 12 significant acupuncture points under our feet, signals can be sent to our brain – for example, the release of endorphins (the body’s pain-relieving substances ) activate.

Euphoric Feet Einlagen Höhle Der Löwen according to Stiftung Warentest

As early as February 25th, 2016, Stiftung Warentest wrote in its article “Orthopedic insoles: This is how it works better…” how and where insoles can help:

Sensorimotor insoles apply to the muscles and not to the skeleton. The elevations, recesses and acupressure or magnetic heads in the soles can send targeted stimuli to the receptors on and in the foot. Muscles are stimulated or inhibited by it. The improvement of the musculoskeletal and postural apparatus achieve through the corrected posture.

It stimulates the muscles and results in a direct reprogramming of the brain. It completes the circle and the last change towards better posture, pain reduction, and general well-being.

Euphoric Feet Einlagen Höhle Der Löwen – price comparison & function test

Our third research is always a price comparison so you can select the best decision for yourself. Euphoric feet einlagen höhle der löwen insoles aren’t the only insoles to consider when looking for a suitable pain relief product. Many other brands are developing sensorimotor insoles.

As always, we have a sample sole ready and compare it based on the price, the shipping costs, the promise of effectiveness and the content. The German test brand also offers a money-back guarantee for its gel insoles.

Euphoric Feet Einlagen Höhle Der Löwen – Are There Other Effective Insoles?

Not only Stiftung Warentest but many orthopaedists officially confirm the effectiveness of insoles. With So, with stimulating nubs under And the many positive customer reviews and the popularity of the various companies speak for themselves.

However, it’s not the only massage soles produces. Therefore, we now list some other well-known and famous brands worth mentioning.

  • Mindinsole
  • Relaxed Feet
  • Healthy Feet
  • Scholl
  • FootActive
  • Birkenstock
  • Craftsoles
  • Acusole
  • Voxxlife Neuro Socks
  • and many more

Side Effects

The manufacturer of Euphoric feet einlagen höhle der löwen promises that wearing the insoles will not cause any side effects. However, it must also say very clearly that pain in the back, legs or feet can occur, especially at the beginning of the carrying phase. It is because the body is not used to this type of insoles, and it takes some time to get used to them.

If the signs do not go away after wearing them for a while, you should remove the insoles from the shoes and consult a specialist to be safe.


However, the product Euphoric feet einlagen höhle der löwen does not make a sound and certainly does not have a severe impression on us. Putting aside the many adverse reports and complaints on the internet, we find the ploy to advertise “The Lion’s Den”, even though it was never part of the show, quite cheeky. It looks dubious, which is why we cannot recommend the purchase of the Euphoric feet insoles for various reasons – even if the supposed effects may sound so tempting.

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