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ExerciseExercise is any physical activity that improves and maintains a person’s physical fitness, well-being, and also health. So it has many benefits, including muscle strengthening, athletic skill development, cardiovascular system development, sports, fat loss or maintenance, and emotional well-being.

Therefore physical exercise improves mental function, autonomy, memory, speed, body image, and well-being. So there is stability in the personality characterized by optimism, euphoria, and mental flexibility.

Therefore doing physical exercise can Improve health and lead to a longer life. Therefore exercise helps avoid heart disease and tension and reduces anxiety and other problems.

Types of Exercises

There are three main types of exercise: aerobic, flexibility, and also strength or endurance.

Aerobic Exercise

Therefore aerobic exercise is any cardiac conditioning that engages the larger muscles with rhythmic, repetitive movements. Therefore it makes the heart, lungs, blood vessels, and muscles work more efficiently. In addition, they increase body strength and resistance. Aerobic exercise also lifts your mood, helps you sleep better, and decreases stress and the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Some examples of aerobic exercise:

  • walk and jog or run
  • ride a bike
  • using an elliptical machine or stair climber
  • dance
  • skiing and skate
  • play tennis and swim
  • row and hiking
  • play basketball and play golf

Flexibility Exercises

Therefore flexibility exercises improve the elasticity of muscles and the range of motion of joints. You can expect to feel comfortable tension when doing flexibility exercises but never pain. Therefore flexibility can help you move more comfortably, from walking to sitting down to twisting over to lift something. So flexibility exercises can help reduce stress and relax you.  Exercises also help decrease stiffness and postural changes that sometimes occur after breast cancer surgery. Reconstruction (especially with tissue removed from another part of the body), and radiotherapy.

There are some examples of flexibility exercises:

  • stretching and yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • pilates

Strength Exercises

Strength exercises, also called resistance exercises, make the muscles work harder by adding weight or struggling to move. It also strengthens bones and improves balance, posture, and quality of life, making housework and fun activities more accessible and enjoyable. After breast cancer surgery, strength exercises can also help improve muscle balance or strength.

Some examples of strength exercises:

  • Weightlifting
  • resistance band exercises
  • exercises with kettlebells
  • bodyweight exercises, such as horizontal bar pushups and pushups

Difference Between Physical Activity and Physical Exercise

Therefore the terms physical activity and exercise should not be confused. According to the WHO, physical activity considers any physical measure produced by skeletal muscles that require energy spending, for example, housework, fun activities, and movements at work, among others.

Therefore for its part, physical exercise is a variety of planned, structured, repetitive body movements to improve or keep physical fitness and health.

Benefits of Physical Exercise

In this way, we have to highlight that the most common thing when talking about this meaning of the term that concerns us is to mention what physical exercise is. It is a set of sports activities, of a muscular and skeletal type, with which this improvement will not only achieve physically but also helps to have good mental health.

Without forgetting that exercising means improving sleep quality, strengthening our body at all levels, having hypertension or blood fats under control, and having well-being in cases where you have asthma, diabetes, or stress due to pregnancy.

Does Exercise help Mental Health?

Therefore most people know that workout is good for them. It improves sleep, helps you maintain a healthy weight, and increases energy levels. You may not know that Exercise has also been shown to significantly impact people with mental health problems, particularly depression and anxiety. So countless scientists, researchers, and universities have conducted studies on the effects of Exercise on people with depression and anxiety, and the results are astounding and encouraging. Some studies have even determined that training can be as active, if not more effective, than antidepressant medications! So the short answer is yes: Exercise helps mental health.

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