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Facial Serum Write For Us

Facial Serum Write For Us

The facial serum is light in texture and has a high absorption of fast-acting active ingredients. Its main differences from a facial cream are its formulation (more concentrated), its more delicate texture, and the absence of a sun protection factor.

The facial serum is, therefore, a product designed for skin care with a lighter texture than a facial cream and whose main difference from a day cream is the higher concentration of active ingredients and not having a sun protection factor. It is ideal to complement the action of day and night creams as it enhances the effects of these treatments. It is also a perfect product as a makeup base thanks to its unifying effect on the skin.

What is it used for?

Facial serums are intended to complement moisturizing creams and not as a substitute for them. So you should apply the serum first and then the moisturizer.

Thanks to its light texture, the serum is absorbed in minutes, penetrating deeper into the skin and increasing the results of face creams. At the same time, it works as a makeup base because it has unifying effects on the skin.

The serum is designed to care for the skin with a texture that no face cream has. Of course, unlike some facial moisturizers, serums do not have a sun protection factor. But they are ideal to complement the creams’ action since they enhance their effects.

What is the Facial Serum for?

As we have been explaining, it is a complement to nourishing skin and a natural glow. The pharmacist María José Cejas Delgado says: “Our skin can improve if we include a cream and a serum with the same purpose or effect.” For this reason, you will find different serums on the market. Choose yours depending on the result you want to see reflected in your skin.


Eliminating the signs of aging is possible if you use the correct products in your skincare routine. Lancome’s Advanced Genifique Serum accelerates recovery for firmer, younger-looking skin. Here you will find eight foods for more radiant skin.

Even our skin tone

Is there anything more annoying than skin spots? A suitable face serum can help brighten the uneven tone of your face. Mario Badescu’s Vitamin C Serum enrich with antioxidants for combination, oily and dry skin. It is the perfect product to retexturize, smooth, and increase the skin’s natural glow.

Complete firmness

Do you dream of firm and smooth skin for as long as possible? It would help if you had a facial serum that repairs the damage and improves the most marked and difficult-to-combat signs of aging. Guerlain’s Abeille Royale Serum will leave your face with a smoother and more refined texture thanks to its action on each layer of the skin.

How to Apply Facial Serum

When you decide to use a facial serum, it is essential to cleanse the skin so it is prepared and free of impurities. Only then will the skin be able to receive all the nutrients and take advantage of the properties of the active ingredients of the facial serum.

The best routine before applying your facial serum is as follows:

  • Deep clean your skin using a facial cleanser that helps you remove all excess oil, impurities, and makeup accumulated during the day.
  • Apply a facial toner that prepares your skin and opens the pores so that the effect of the facial serum is much more effective.
  • A moisturizer or hydrator to moisturize and smooth expression lines.
  • Finally, apply the facial serum by gently massaging until the product is completely absorbed.

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