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Fashion is how we present ourselves in a particular phase and place and a specific context, outfits, footwear, ornaments, makeup, lifestyle, hairstyle and body posture. In today’s life, fashion is more important for everyone.

The fashion business is one of the industries with the most significant international reach, especially after the consolidation of the economic opening in the early years of the 21st century. This process made it possible to import goods and services, mainly from the East to the West.

Currently, clothing and textiles represent 5% of world trade in manufacturing products, the fourth most representative industry. In 2016 it reached close to 655 billion dollars in exports.

This industry expansion process and its large sales volumes, combined with the industry’s need to innovate and present the latest fashion trends, led to the consolidation of the “fast fashion” concept.


Fashion refers to clothing and accessories that set societal trends for a certain period. Clothing is the foundation of technique, and how we put an outfit together is just as important as each piece. Whether on the runway, in a magazine, or our everyday lives, style can transform how a person is seen, for better or worse.

Assume you are one of the people who are interested in this type of topic. In that case, it is a period for you to enroll in the Master in Fashion that our Study Center has at your disposal, in which you will learn to design dream pieces with which you could generate income. Own if you decide to start a venture, and you will be training to work as a digital marketer specializing in this field of the textile industry.


In this makeup, you can use two shades; black shadow from the corner of your eye to the middle and fill the rest with any of the other colour shadows you have used. You will achieve a spectacular effect. Start applying these steps now, and no one can resist your gaze!


Ornaments and appliques (decorations made of a material sewn or glued to another to decorate a garment or fabric) are fundamental elements that will make any piece of leather goods, footwear or clothing, whether promotional or not, dazzle on its own.

You can count on the most original and best quality designs on the market since they are durable accessories resistant to scratches and time.

At More Color, we provide various pearl, stone or crystal effects, among other ornaments, to achieve differentiating outcomes in fashion and clothing.

These accessories are the perfect way to give a different touch to textile garments and to differentiate them by making them more original.


The definition of lifestyle will largely depend on who is behind it. For example, the description given by the WHO is not the same as that provided by another organization specializing in sustainability.

The lifestyle refers to the particular forms of manifesting the way and the conditions of life in which people integrate the world around them. It includes eating habits, personal hygiene, leisure, modes of social relations, sexuality, and relational life. And family and coping mechanisms.

In any case, healthy lifestyles relate to everything that makes us feel good and does not compromise our health or that of others—for example, walking through nature, eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, reusing containers and other materials, and taking care of the environment.

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