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First, we understand fitness as the state of physical health and well-being achieved by leading a healthy life supported by continuous exercise over time and a healthy diet.

Secondly, fitness is a set of gymnastic exercises repeated weekly to achieve good physical shape. Usually, these exercises carry out in specific sports spaces, such as gyms.

The objectives of this sport practice are to improve aerobic resistance, have greater flexibility, achieve muscle strength, achieve localized muscle strength and achieve body balance (it must respect specific percentages of what is considered healthy in muscles, bones and fat).

For years, fitness has been booming in the United States, but its importance has already spread to Europe and some South American countries, such as Colombia.

Athletes who attend this sports discipline perform a series of runs, squats, push-ups and jumps combined with field exercises, such as breakdancing.

Benefits of Fitness

If the athlete maintains a balanced exercise program, the advantages of this discipline are:

Improvement of aerobic resistance. The series of exercises carry out several times a week, which is why it increases the development of the cardiorespiratory system and, therefore, resistance.

It strengthens the internal and external physical condition, which also implies an increase in the self-esteem of the person who practices it.

Reduces the risk of developing diseases such as obesity or cardiovascular risks, such as high cholesterol, hypertension, etc.

Avoid stress. The practice of this type of high-impact sports activity helps the athlete to be relaxed and has less risk of suffering anxiety or depression.

How do I Distinguish if an Activity is Considered Fitness?

For an activity to fall into the fitness category, it must carry out regularly and thoroughly linked to a good diet and healthy lifestyle habits. In addition, you must meet several criteria:

Some of the objectives of this type of training are to improve the resistance and strength of the individual. To achieve this, the sports routine must carry out at least twice a week.

It is essential that the person doing fitness be in good physical condition and present localized muscular resistance. During the activity practice, the athlete will have to have the necessary resistance to maintain a muscle in tension for a prolonged period or repeat the same series of movements several times.

Have flexibility. These exercises require much warming up, so the athlete must have flexibility throughout the body.

Differences Between Fitness and Bodybuilding

As we have just mentioned, fitness training is a method that seeks to obtain a functional, aesthetic and healthy body, thus improving all the body’s capabilities. However, bodybuilding is a very different practice. It uses some exercises derived from fitness, but the objective is other. Bodybuilding maximizes the size of the muscles, even if the body is no longer aesthetic and functional. It is the main difference between both modalities.

Another aspect that differentiates them is supplementation and nutrition. While natural supplements in fitness use do not alter the body’s well-being, other harmful materials are often used in bodybuilding. As for food, it is more or less the same. Therefore, it is enough for an athlete who wants a functional body to make a balanced diet without exceeding the quantities. On the other hand, a bodybuilder must eat a series of foods in large amounts to increase muscle mass.

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