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10 Grandma-Era Beauty Hacks That Still Work Today

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Beauty Hacks: In the beyond, girls did not have as many alternatives and no longer as a good deal accessibility to cosmetics as we’ve nowadays. However, that turned into no excuse for now not looking after your appearance. You must have heard about some of the beauty hacks of the time from our grandmothers.

Well, know that most are not out of fashion and can be very useful in our care routine. And the best thing is that these recipes are usually very affordable, using ingredients we often already have at home!

In this post, we have gathered the best beauty hacks of the girls of yore to make you even more beautiful. So if you want to check it out, keep reading!

Brush Your Hair Before Bed

Have you ever heard of giving your hair 100 brushes before bed so it is healthier and shinier? This habit may seem pointless, but it helps the wires.

When we pass the brush gently through the scalp, we do a massage activating your blood circulation. Consequently, more nutrients and oxygen reach the region, improving the quality of the locks. But attention: although it will recommend, be careful with this brushing. It must do gently so that it does not break the wires.

Use Ice Water To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

Use Ice Water To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

Until recently, there was no makeup primer or fixer. So, how did the girls make the makeup last longer? They used cold water on their faces before painting themselves! With the cold, the pores close, leaving the skin smoother and holding the makeup.

This trick is straightforward: with clean skin, you can spray ice water, dip your face in a basin of ice water for a few seconds, or even pass an ice cube wrapped in gauze all over your face. Just be careful with the temperature, so you don’t get hurt, okay?

Reduce Dark Circles With A Chamomile Tea Bag

Nowadays, those who have dark circles can count on several cosmetic products and procedures to disguise this darkening under the eyes. However, our grandmothers did it differently: they bet on cold compresses of chamomile tea. This herb is soothing to the skin, and the cooler temperature constricts blood vessels, brightening the area.

Beauty Hacks Moisturize With Avocado

Avocado is a fruit wealthy in good fats, nutrients, and minerals, having its dietary cost well recognized in food. But another exciting use is hydration, both for the face and the wires. It is because the fats present in the pulp can deeply hydrate dry skin and hair.

Mash the avocado with the help of a fork, mix it into a moisturizing mask and do the hydration procedure, as usual, rinsing well to remove any residue from the wires. Leave for a few minutes and rinse. Please take advantage of the remaining pulp stuck to the inside of the peel, passing it on the clean face in circular movements.

Apply Honey To The Face

Have you ever tried rubbing honey on your face to hydrate your skin? Yes, this delicacy is excellent for leaving your face looking fresh and hydrated! In addition, it has bactericidal properties – which is perfect for those who have carnations and pimples. To make this mask, apply a layer of honey to clean, dry skin, and wait a few minutes before rinsing your face.

Exfoliating Your Skin With Coffee Grounds Is One Of The Oldest Beauty hacks

We know that to maximize the effects of hydration and keep your skin healthy, you need to exfoliate regularly. This practice helps to remove dead cells, leaving the pores freer to receive the nutrients from the masks.

Most of our grandmothers didn’t have access to the exfoliators we have today, so they got by (and very well) with coffee grounds. These ingredients’ granules are soft, providing a gentle and efficient exfoliation without harming the skin. Therefore, it has developed one of the most well-known beauty hacks.

To put this trick into practise, moisten the desired area – the face or body – and spread the coffee grounds in circular motions. Then rinse and proceed with the regular hydration.

Beauty Hacks – Use Aloe Vera For Hair Growth

Also known as Gel Vera, aloe vera has properties that purify the scalp and help the roots of the wires to become stronger and healthier, improving hair growth.

To take advantage of this, cut the plant leaf in half lengthwise and remove the gel with the help of a spoon. Use this gel on the roots of the hair and along the length, leaving it on for 20 minutes. Then apply a moisturizing cream, rinse and finish as usual.

Use A Stocking Cap To Lay Down The Wires

Suppose your hair gets too wrinkled when you wake up; bet on the sock cap! Do you know those old pantyhose? Just cut the leg part and tie a knot; this will become a cap. Then, before going to sleep, with the help of a brush and bobby pins, wrap your hair around your head and put on this cap. When you wake up, you undo the technique and see that it will align the wires.

Beauty Hacks – Moisturize Your Hair With Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive lubricant is a great hair moisturizer, capable of restoring softness to the hair. To enjoy this benefit, apply it to dry and dirty hair lengths. Leave it on for a few hours — you can even sleep with it on and take it off the next day. After this break, wash with shampoo (making sure that no residue is left) and conditioner. Finish, as usual, avoiding heat sources.

Remove Makeup With Almond Or Coconut Oil

If you don’t have makeup remover at home, don’t worry: that won’t be why you’re going to sleep with makeup on. Instead, use your hands to spread almond or coconut oil over your face. You will soon feel that the makeup will “melt.” Then wash with your specific face soap.

If you still feel that there is some leftover, apply the oil again with a cotton pad, and rewash your face with soap. Finally, finish the cleanse with your moisturizer and the other usual steps of your skin routine.

Conclusion -Beauty Hacks

All these beauty hacks of yesteryear are valid today, mainly to save us when our favourite cosmetics are out of stock. In addition, many of them are very easy and use ingredients we already have at home, making the care routine even more accessible.

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