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Choosing your bridal hairstyle should be, together with your dress, one of the priorities for your big day. The art of hairdressing is something that very few professionals have. The sensitivity to differentiate small details such as textures, volumes and the ability to create a flattering hairstyle make our top-level professional artists.


So that the wedding hairstyles come out spectacular, I will advise you on previous preparation. Hair preparation is essential to achieve a good hairstyle, and it is based on good hydration and good rest. If your hair is oily, wash it the same day of the wedding. If not, pass it the day before. Some of the hairstyles that you can try on your wedding day.

Ballerina bun

It is a classic, discreet, and elegant bridal hairstyle. It corresponds to a high and well-polished collected hairstyle, ideal for highlighting your features, makeup, and accessories, as it completely clears the face. If you plan to get married at night or in a formal ceremony, resorting to this hairstyle for brides will be a great option.

Loose hair hairstyle

Generally, this is one of the simple wedding hairstyles, but it always turns out to be sensational on short or long hair. Above all, it is a style with several options, and you can wear it completely straight or with waves at the ends. It is ideal for authentic women. If you want to highlight the makeup, leave a few side strands on the face.

Messy bun

On the opposite side is the messy bun, which does not go out of style no matter how many decades pass. It is a simple hairstyle that can be a high or low bun, but with the characteristic that strands come off around it that give it a casual touch. You can also take a few highlights from the area of ​​the sideburns and others that fall on your forehead. This bridal hairstyle is perfect for an intimate, daytime, or casual celebration.

Tousled hairstyle

The tousled effect on the hair is a trend that requires dedication. This hairstyle gives volume to the hair due to the highlights that are left out intentionally without making it look messy.

Straight with bangs

Another one that does not go out of style is the straight one with bangs and parting in the middle, which, although it reinvents itself, remains a timeless wedding hairstyle. You can choose between wearing extra straight hair with abundant bangs or, if you prefer a more modern style, the bob cut with short bangs looks excellent too.

Hairstyle in pigtails

Indeed, if you are a woman who likes to look good with something simple, this hairstyle will make you stand out. You can wear the ponytail high or low in accordance with the length of your hair, whether medium or long. Also, you can adorn it with accessories or wear it without adding anything, and it’s up to you.

Crown Braid

the crown braid is another timeless up-do bridal hairstyle that will make you look gorgeous on your big day. Although there are several ways to do it, the simplest is to make two braids, one on each side, and cross them over the head, hiding the hooks of one under the other. As a result, all your hair will be in two braids, but it will appear to be one.

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