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How to Cure a Heat Headache When It’s Hot

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Introduction of Heat Headache

Heat Headache Many people get heat headaches because summer weather is very hot. It’s easy to avoid. It is not a big problematic, but it is not a problem to  take lightly so that any article will explain

What Is The Cause Of Headaches When It’s Hot?

Heat is one of the causes of headaches, but its effect is much more remarkable because it interacts with other factors related to the time of year.  Such as vacations, summer, and travel. All this promotes a series of powerful triggers in the headache, such as the following:

Changes in diet: celebrations and parties are more frequent in the summer. As a result, alcohol consumption increases and the risk of dehydration increases.

Exercise without a visor: practising moderate or intense sports without protection from the sun’s rays. Such as visors, hats, or sunglasses, can produce a contraction of the frontal muscle (from frowning) and the cranial muscles. These contractions can cause headaches and trigger headaches such as migraine attacks.

Vasodilation: many of the headaches you suffer in summer are due to this mechanism since the blood vessels increase in diameter due to different factors such as heat.

Other summer factors: increased or reduced sleep hours (typical triggers). Relaxation on vacation after accumulated work stress or irregular compliance with migraine preventive treatment are also aspects that promote headaches when Is it hot.

Avoid Abrupt Temperature Fluctuations.

Even though the urgency to entering air-conditioned premises due to the sensation of heat usually prevails. You should avoid very sudden temperature changes. Going from intense heat to cold that air conditioner give off or vice versa can cause the appearance of headaches and dizziness.

Refresh The House

Lowering the blinds and leaving home in semi-darkness is highly recommended during the hours of plentiful sunshine. Instead, use fans or air conditioners to cool down, especially to sleep on the hottest nights. This way, you will ensure that the heat does not excessively affect your rest.

Protect Yourself Against Sun Exposure

Using hats, caps and loose clothing in light colours (dark tones concentrate more heat) protects oneself from the sun. When you go outside, try to avoid the hottest hours. Walk through shady areas for as long as possible.

To prevent a rise in intraocular pressure that might cause symptoms like headaches, shield your eyes with sunglasses that block out the sun’s rays. Beachheads are common, so use an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. Wet your forehead and neck to significantly reduce body temperature as well.

Rest Properly

The usual schedules change during the summer, especially during the vacation weeks. The routine disappears, you stay up more and spend a lot of time sightseeing, in the pool or on the beach.

However, at OneHOWTO, we recommend that you try to maintain the schedule for the rest of the year and sleep as many hours as necessary. Also, whenever you consider it appropriate, take the opportunity to take a short nap (about 15 minutes) on the sofa or in an armchair. It is also advisable to practice some sport or physical activity, as it helps to rest better.

Hydrate Enough

Good hydration is an essential factor in avoiding heat headaches. Drink about 2.5 liters of water daily in small amounts and many times. Remember that this is one of the leading causes of heat headaches in children, so you can avoid it by constantly hydrating.

Eat Properly

Eating fresh meals like fruits, salads, and gazpacho is a great way to battle the heat and prevent dehydration.

In order to alleviate the headache, foods high in nitrates, such sausages, and foods containing tyramine, like chocolate, some nuts, or cheese, must be eliminated from the diet.


The written article also shows some suggestions. But it is essential to follow the doctor’s instructions as long as you are just for information