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The heel is a stiff part of the shoe and is attached to the back of the sole using various manufacturing techniques. Its primary purpose is to perform as heel support. However, its aesthetics can also be considered the most characteristic function for many people. It gives the wearer greater height, reduces the foot’s sizes at first glance, lengthens the legs, and even shows social or economic status.

The heel differs in shape and size according to the different types of footwear. Which use to measure from a few millimeters to several centimeters in height or in the contact area with the surface.

Heels According To Height

Low Heels

A low heel is considered not to exceed 4 centimeters. They are elegant, feminine, and, above all, very comfortable. They are the ideal footwear for important meetings, day-to-day work, or a special event where you know you will be on your feet for many hours.

Medium Heels

Medium heels are those that measure between 4 and 7 centimeters approximately. This type of heel will be perfect for special occasions without feeling that you are too high. They stylize the figure; you can wear them at formal and informal events. It all depends on what you combine them with.

High Heels

Shoes with more than 7 centimeters heel already consider high, and we usually associate them with formal and special events. Precisely these are preferred by those women who seek the effect of stylizing and lengthening their legs. They are more challenging to wear, and the wider the heel and the better the shoe’s quality, the more comfortable it will be.

Types Of Heeled Shoes

Stiletto Heel Shoe

It is the thinnest and sharpest heel; we usually see it in medium or high-height models, and it is perfect to wear at formal events. They indeed are the most elegant, although many other styles are too. But they are also considered the most difficult to wear due to the lack of balance that such a thin and high heel can cause you.

Tacon Zapato Ancho Or Square

This heel is usually around 5 centimeters. It is incredibly comfortable since, unlike stiletto heels, it does provide stability and balance when walking. They are perfect for all kinds of events, and there are endless materials and shapes on the market, so you can find the ones you like the most.

Platforms Or Wedges

Wedge shoes are ideal for those seeking comfort in their day-to-day life. And Platform shoes are those in which the heel and toe raise and balance produce that tires the footless and allow you to show them off for longer.

Classic Loafers

The rise of the college aesthetic brings pleated skirts and bomber jackets and elevates moccasins to the top of the trend. We will see them as simple and classic in style, such as those proposed by The Row, Gucci, or Celine, or, on the contrary.

No Heel

While we wait for the arrival of hot days, we can begin the transition of the seasons with our footwear. High-heeled sandals without a heel will never be left over in your wardrobe, as they combine with mom jeans and very romantic midi dresses.

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