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How to cope with a sim card failure when traveling abroad

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Have you ever experienced a sim card not working after arriving at the airport and replacing it? This problem occurs more often than expected. To handle this issue, you might need to make some adjustments and take actions. If you notice that your sim card is not working, try the troubleshooting below.

– Restart your phone

– Turn airplane mode on and off

– Remove the sim card and turn it on again

– Cleaning the sim card

– Updating Your Smartphone

– Resetting the network

Most of the problems could be solved by the above methods. If the sim card doesn’t work even after taking those measures, it might be a defect in the sim card. In this case, there’s no other way than buying an alternative sim card. In most airports, they have booths and stores selling sim cards. However, there is no guarantee that you will be able to get a product that exactly fits your needs, and also meets your price standard. Because, usually the sim cards sold in the airport can be a little bit more expensive.

In this situation, buying an eSIM online can be the best option besides buying a sim card once again in the airport. If you are familiar with sim cards, you may not know what eSIM is and think it will work out differently. However, eSIM works exactly the same as a sim card. Trying out eSIM for the first time can be worrisome. However, eSIM functions as the same, and it’s even more convenient than a traditional sim card.

First, use an airport Wi-Fi and get connected to the internet. Then, visit an online store of eSIM service providers. For example, if you are traveling Korea, look up ‘esim korea’ in google. Choose the first search result. eSIM Korea will be the first to be seen, where you can purchase various eSIM plans at a reasonable price. If you are traveling other countries, such as USA, do the same. There’s eSIM USA for US travelers also. Next, buy a plan that fits your schedule and needs. Within 5 minutes after making a purchase, you will receive a QR code with eSIM plan information. Lastly, scan the QR code with your cell phone or manually enter the eSIM information directly into your cell phone. Then, you can use the local Internet in this simple way.

Defective sim cards are uncommon. However, such an unexpected situation can ruin your itinerary. When planning a trip, it is wise to prepare. In that sense, buying an eSIM instead of a sim card can be one of them. Consider an eSIM for your precious trip that will never come back.

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