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Which Kid Of Eyebrow Brush We Can Use And How To Clean

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Eyebrow Brush:.The eyebrows are said to be the frame of the face. That is, they help enhance the facial features and harmonize them. So that is why it is necessary to take care of them, and we can do it with the eyebrow brush, learning to use it and clean it.

The eyebrows can change the expression of the face and enhance other features, such as beautiful eyes. Therefore, they are the perfect complement to good makeup to achieve an attractive look.

Although fashions change, and likewise the ways of wearing the eyebrows, combing them to shape and enhance them are always convenient. It is convenient to adapt them, depending on the effect that you want to achieve. In recent years, well-shaped, full and not-so-thin eyebrows have set the trends. Here are some best make up brush’s you can use for your make up.

Comb-Shaped Brush

It is a classic brush that comes in most makeup brush kits. It is perfect for combing the eyebrows first and combing them again at night when removing makeup.

T usually has two ends. One is made of plastic with the bristles further apart and the other with stiff hair.

Angled Eyebrow Brush

Angled Eyebrow Brush

This brush appears to be cut diagonally and is ideal for applying the makeup product to the eyebrows. It works excellent with polishes or powder makeup.

It has this shape that allows drawing and simulating the eyebrows’ hairs. In addition, it outlines their shape well.

Goupillon Brush

You may not know this best make up brush by this name. However, it is one of the most popular.

It is about that circular one, with rigid bristles, which comes in all eyelashes. This brush is also great for styling your eyebrows.

It helps to spread the makeup well once it places on the eyebrow, which is also key to giving a natural finish.

Can You Shape Your Eyebrow Using A Mascara Brush?

Simply brush your brows with a dry mascara wand, pointed slightly upwards, if that’s all you want to do. To provide some traction, apply some hairspray or Vaseline to the rod beforehand. It will completely revitalize your brows with just one stroke, giving them a fuller, more put together appearance.

How to Clean an Eyebrow Brush?

Proper cleaning of makeup tools is essential. Especially those in contact with the eyes, as it is one of the most delicate parts of the face.

In general, makeup is oily, so it is necessary to use a product that helps remove extra product from the bristles of the brush. You can opt for a soap specially designed for makeup brushes. However, a neutral soap also works.

Apply a little soap to the palm of your hand, and with the help of your fingers, massage the brushes to remove the excess. Then you should rinse and let the brushes dry on a towel.

Remember to Remove your Eyebrows

The eyebrows are one area that people frequently neglect to remove makeup from. That shouldn’t be the case, though. It’s always a good idea to remove makeup and apply moisturizers before bed, just like you would with your eyes and the rest of your face.


As a spoolie: You may use the bristles of a toothbrush to brush away any stray hairs in order to tame your eyebrows. Another shrewd method to maintain the position of those brows? To keep those annoying hairs in place, use an old toothbrush coated with hairspray to brush your brow.

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