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Lifestyle Write for UsLifestyle is a sociological concept that refers to how the interests, opinions, and behaviours of an individual, group, or culture are oriented. Although its origins date back to the time of Aristotle, the expression is considered to have been introduced by the Austro- Hungarian psychologist Alfred Adler in the 1910s, who defined it as “the system of rules of conduct developed by individuals to achieve their goals in life.” 1 Time later, the concept took the broader sense of “way or style of living.”

What is the origin of the expression lifestyle?

Being a sociological concept, its origins pointed to the Austro-Hungarian psychologist Alfredo Duro in 1910. However, other historians attribute it to the time of Aristotle, although Alfredo defines it for the first time as “the system of rules of conduct developed by individuals to achieve their goals in life. For what is currently known more as a lifestyle.

Now you can see that there can be many different lifestyles

To give some examples, imagine a lifestyle within your favourite city’s most densely inhabited area; and now an Italian countryside lifestyle. They are very different. The lifestyle of a member of the Massai Mara people in Africa is very different from that of an Eskimo in Alaska, both in customs, behaviour, food, work, transportation; as in the way of dressing, accessories, and celebrations or ceremonies of him, also in his religious beliefs.

Figure it out and define it

Now that you know what it means, we’ll help you figure out your lifestyle, fine-tune the details, and make minor adjustments to make it your own. Of course, discovering it is worth not giving you the satisfaction you are looking for will be the impetus to reinvent it and choose a perfect lifestyle. We will start with some questions that we will later transform. How do you live your life in terms of habits, customs, tastes, productivity, free time, etc.? Once you have made a short list of what characterises you the most, move on to the next question. Therefore, in what environments do you operate every day? And finally. With whom do you share your life? With this, you have defined your current lifestyle. Do you think it looks like what you like best?

 Design your lifestyle

According to sociology, more than 100 lifestyles are classified by General, occupation/profession, consumption, social/political, business, military, sexual, spiritual/religious preferences, musical, and recreational. We may fall into one or multiple classifications of lifestyles in each of these aspects. However, you do not need to pigeonhole yourself in one, but rather base yourself on your authenticity. Following this or that lifestyle is a good thing. So you can take what you like or what makes you happy and what other people have already tried. For example, if you want a healthy lifestyle, even if it is a trite topic, you can imitate those habits that you know will benefit you. Therefore, it is not all or nothing.

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