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Low Ceiling Small Attic Room Ideas Create Your Bedroom Beautifully

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Low ceiling small attic room ideas in the attic, the key to a beautiful room in the attic is a lot of natural light. Skylights are a must. Plan to have them on both sides of the space to maximize light throughout the day and let them dedicate your design too. A bed under a skylight is lovely, as it means you can see out when you lie down, avoiding a claustrophobic feeling.

You might also consider adding a bedroom, which will not only expand your attic space. But it means you may have more oversized windows that look outwards rather than upwards. Then there is the option of adding a Juliet balcony too, with French doors that can open a mansard room.

Low Ceiling Small Attic Room Ideas Make A Space in the Attic Feel More Spacious with White

Low Ceiling Small Attic Room Ideas Make A Space in the Attic Feel More Spacious with White

It is interior design 101 that white will make a room feel lighter and more spacious, so a palette of soft colours makes sense in an attic with low and sloping ceilings. Also, this is an excellent look if your room does not have much natural light, as it will reflect any light you get around the room.

Although white doesn’t have to mean cold, look how cosy this attic bedroom is. Bring some warmer shades with cushions and shots, and pick up a beige carpet to keep things neutral but smooth the space.

Low Ceiling Small Attic Room Ideas Large Opening Skylight

Solve both low-light and low-airflow problems by installing a large skylight that opens. Natural light in any room makes you feel clean and fresh and will help a room feel bigger. By making sure to install an opening skylight, you bring the functionality of airflow to keep your bedroom cool in the warmer months. You also make sure your bedroom smells fresh and prevents it from getting too suffocating.

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Low Ceiling Small Attic Room Ideas with Exposed Brick Wall and Wood Beams

Please take advantage of the exposed brick, leaving it natural or painting it all white. Painting it white brings more light and ventilation to a typically dark area. The wooden beams provide a texture that draws the lookup, making the room feel larger. Keep your rays unstained for a natural and modern look.

Low Ceiling Small Attic Room Ideas with Be Bold with Your Decoration

If you’ve remained blessed with lots of natural light in your attic, why not throw away the all-white look and get bold? We love this spectacular attic room with its charcoal walls and that little yellow burst in the lights.

Opting for a ceiling with all the colours included is a clever trick to make a small space feel more extensive as it blurs the edges of the room. Sometimes darkening can have both a space expansion effect and a more transparent scheme.

Low Ceiling Small Attic Room Ideas With Create A Dressing Room on the Eaves

Did you dream about a dressing room? An attic could be the place to make those dreams come true if your loft is large enough to be divided into different areas. Dedicating a section to a dressing room would be ideal for storing clothes and accessories.

Turning your attic into a bedroom can be tough to figure out where to put a closet. But something like this setup is a better alternative. Add clothing rails to the main wall where the ceiling is highest, and use them under the eaves for drawers. Add a dressing table if you have room and a mirror to give you a more dressing-room feel.


Don’t stop there until you have ideas for your attic room with low ceilings! Bed linen, side tables and lamps are all included in the room. If you want more design inspiration for your bedroom, be sure to check out these above posts.

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