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Everything you need to know about essential makeup kits

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Your makeup looks amazing because of two sole reasons – first, you know how to do your makeup well, and second, you own all the right products that are needed for a flawless makeup look. And these two reasons go hand in hand when it comes to nailing perfect makeup. Imagine you know how to do your makeup but don’t own the right products, or you have all the awesome products but don’t know how to use them. So you see? You need the best makeup kit with the right makeup techniques.
So, in this blog let us check out all the important makeup essentials you must have in your makeup kit.

Basic makeup items

Let us first begin with the basics. If you are someone who does not like makeup and cannot invest all the time in doing your makeup, and still want to look presentable. There are a few basic makeup items that will keep you sorted for your work wear as well as functions. Firstly you will need a primer because your primer will give your makeup a flawless finish and make it last longer. Next, you will need a BB Cream and a compact powder for a simple base that will make you look fresh. Keep a pink lip and cheek tint that you will be able to use as a lip colour, a blush, and also like your eye shadow. Finally, keep a black kajal to give your eyes a fresh look. You can also use your kajal like an eyeliner, and an eye shadow when you smudge it.
Basic travel makeup kit
When you are traveling, make sure you don’t carry too many products and yet you have everything. For times like these, a makeup kit combo is like a saviour. Because in a makeup combo, you have everything you ever need for a complete makeup look for both work and parties. Travel makeup kits are also very easy to handle as they come in compact packaging with easy-to-carry boxes. So, owning one travel-friendly makeup kit is super essential.

Basic makeup kit for everyday

Keeping everything in one place not only makes your space neat but also makes your life easier when you are getting ready for work on busy mornings. Getting ready in a hurry for work is a normal drama every working person goes through, and in times like these having your everyday makeup items in one place saves half of the rush battle. So, take a pouch or a box and keep it aside, especially for your basic makeup every day. In this basic makeup kit for every day, you have to have a moisturizer or a water-based serum that is hydrating but not greasy.

Add in a concealer for a light base and fresh-looking makeup. Avoid foundations for daily wear as they are heavier for regular wear. Next, keep a tint that you can use like a blush and eye shadow. Matte lipsticks in 2-3 shades ranging from nude, brown, and red. Keep a brow filler and a kajal to complete your look. You can create multiple looks with these products, and you will be sorted for every single day.

Basic makeup items for everyone

Now, this basic makeup kit for beginners is perfect for everyone to use, even for those who don’t know how to do their makeup. In your basic makeup kit for beginners, you will need just 5 products. Firstly you will need a primer, this will create a smooth base for your makeup application and also will make it last longer. You will need a BB Cream with SPF so that your base and your sunscreen regime are sorted. Next, you will need a compact powder to set your BB Cream. Add a black kajal to your kit, this instantly makes your face look fresh and bright. And lastly, you will need a lip and cheek tint or lipstick that you can use like blush, eye shadow, and lip colour. These products are very easy to use and it is for everyone.

Professional makeup kit

Now, finally comes the grand finale of all makeup kits. A professional kit is not really a kit, you can call this a ‘makeup treasure box’ and makeup lovers would totally get it. A professional makeup kit is unlike any other because this makeup kit contains everything you can imagine in the world of makeup. Professional makeup kits need to be proper and must contain all shades of every product.

For example, you will need all the skin tone shades in your foundation and the same goes for your concealer and compact powder. You will also find makeup setters like a primer, a makeup fixer, and a makeup setting spray. Apart from these, a professional makeup kit needs to have a variety of eye makeup products in various shades and types like metallic eye shadows, matte, shimmer, and also liquid eye shadows. A proper professional makeup kit also requires to have multiple Long Stay lipstick shades in all types. For more guidance, you can always ask a professional.

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