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Do You Know What Tips To Follow To Avoid Makeup Smudges?

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Makeup Smudges: Usually, when girls put on makeup, it is natural that they want it to stay on until they return home in the evening. Many people like that. Not only due to the effect of outside weather. Sweat, raindrops falling on us and touching our hands also cause makeup to fade.

Even if you use smudge-proof makeup, this happens many times. For example, you leave for meaningful work. When you reach the destination. The lipstick gets a little sideways.. and the eye makeup gets smeared under and looks very messy. To prevent this from trendy, follow some tips.

Fewer Layers -Makeup Smudges

Many think that makeup should be at least four or five layers. Foundation should be very heavy. But such heavy makeup can clog the skin pores. Due to excessive sweating, there are chances of the makeup getting ruined. That’s why it is better to wear only foundation, powder and blush in addition to using lightweight water-based foundation.

Applying too many layers of creams and foundations is not appropriate. Due to this, the skin is also damaged apart from the makeup being disturbed. Due to this, the chances of getting pimples, blackheads and whiteheads on the skin are high.

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Waterproof Eye Makeup

Not just makeup, eyeliner and eye shadow should also be easy to apply. Shimmer and cream eye makeup is gorgeous to look at. But they are not waterproof. So if we touch the eye, it gets smudged. If water drips from the eyes along with the water, they also drip your face and look swollen.

That is why it is better to choose waterproof eye makeup. Not just monsoons. Any season, it will keep your makeup from getting smudged. No matter how prudently you take care of your eye makeup, the chances of smudging are high. So make eye makeup as simple as possible. For example, if you choose light colours instead of dark colours, they can be wiped off without makeup smudges.

Light Coloured Lipstick

Glossy lipsticks in red, berry and plum colours are gorgeous. But if they are scattered. It will be very hard to see. That’s why instead of them, by choosing light-coloured lipstick. There is no problem even if it wears off.

Moreover. after applying a layer of lipstick, touch up with some powder. Also, using another layer prevents the lipstick from fading after wearing the lipstick. Finally, you can ensure that the lipstick does not spread by covering it once with tissue paper.


Use A Mist – Makeup Smudges

For a matte effect, spray a facial mist before applying makeup. By doing this, the makeup will not be smeared. This mist can be made with green tea, fruit water, vitamin C etc. First, spray it on the face and wipe it with a tissue. After that, apply foundation and start applying makeup.

Touch Up With Powder

If the makeup or mascara gets smudged, wipe it off with a cotton pad and touch the area with powder. By doing this, the makeup can be protected from being repainted. Prevents powder makeup smudges. So, if you suspect a streak, applying some translucent powder immediately is better.

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