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Four Ways to Improve Your Mental Health In 2023

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Are you feeling like your mental health is struggling at the moment? You’re one of millions around the world. With the rise in the rate of living, political unrest in dozens of countries, and a climate change crisis going on, there’s plenty to think about before we even get to our personal lives.

Stress is at an all time high and, for many, that’s leading to other major health problems such as prescription drug addiction. During the pandemic, the rise of people turning to the substance to deal with the stresses of losing jobs, fear and all the other emotions that came to the fore was breathtaking. To the point where consumption in some nations went up by as much as 20%.

That’s all contributed towards a 2023 where many of us are a little lost when it comes to our mental health. So, what steps can we make to improve it in 2023?

Get help

We’re going to cut to the chase here. The first step you can make, and the best step you can make is actually to seek out help. Whether you feel like you’re abusing substances to try and cope with your mental health problems, your anxiety levels are at an all-time high, or you just feel there’s something not quite right, then seeking expert help is the best possible solution.

Start exercising

Physical activity can be hugely beneficial to our mental health, increasing our self eseem, while reducing stress and anxiety.

Running is excellent for this, while activities such as swimming, cycling, even just walking will all have a positive impact on your mental health.

Start practicing yoga or meditation

In rehab centres up and down the land, yoga and meditation are now a huge part of routines to get people’s mental health moving in the right direction. Both practices are proven to reduce stress, increase focus and develop a sense of calm within you.

It’s easier than ever to get started these days, with tons of apps, YouTube channels and even classes in your local town and city to make the most of as a beginner.

Take a break from social media

These days, the root of a lot of anxiety, depression and mental health problems arise from social media. Comparison culture can often leave us feeling small and dramatically lower our self esteem.

You may not even realise it, but it could be having a big effect on your mental health. Start taking regular breaks, perhaps for one or two days at a time and see the difference it makes. It could well make a lot of it.

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