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Five Reasons to Have Regular Check in Time with your Partner’s Mental Health

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The truth is, we never quite know what’s going through our loved one’s mind. We may spend every minute of every day with them, know what they love and what they hate, but the one thing that will always be our own, is our mind.

Naturally, that is often a good thing. Many of us like to be alone with our thoughts, but at the same time more of us than ever before are struggling with our mental health. Across many a private mental health clinic you’ll find patients checking in who are struggling because they haven’t reached out for health at an earlier opportunity, which is why it’s so important to speak to our partner’s regularly.

They are there to help, to support. But it isn’t easy to speak out, so it may be a good option to check-in and see how they are rather than wait for a loved one to discuss their problems. And here’s why…

It Builds Trust and Communication

Regularly checking in with a loved one helps normalise the situation and create a safe space for partners to be open and honest about their feelings. By actively listening to each other’s thoughts, feelings and concerns, you’re helping build a level of trust and a stronger emotional bond.

It shows your partner that it’s ok to express vulnerabilities without the fear of judgement and lays a foundation for mutual support, empathy and a real sense of being in every situation together.

Early Detection of Issues

Importantly, by regularly checking in, you’re much more likely to detect any mental health problems at a much earlier stage. Just like physical health, routine check-ups can help identify problems before they escalate. It may even be an opportunity for a partner to state they’ve noticed a change in the mood of their loved ones.

By addressing such issues more proactively, you can seek appropriate support and prevent minor issues from developing and potentially causing significant issues for both your loved one and the relationship as a whole.

Promoting Emotional Intimacy

The cornerstone of every healthy relationship is emotional intimacy. Regular mental health check ins allows you to encourage emotional transparency and develop a closeness between yourselves.

It can help create a strong emotional bond that’s built on love, understanding and empathy as well as a much deeper mutual respect.

Supporting Each Other’s Well-being

Obviously, by regularly checking in it also allows you to be more supportive. Not only is checking in a sign of support, it may also provide them with the support they need when they didn’t even realise they needed it.

By offering a listening ear, validation and encouragement, you can really boost the mood and confidence of a partner during periods of stress and difficulty. What’s more, you can collaborate to improve coping skills, prioritise self care and tackle life’s problems as a team.

Strengthening Relationship Resilience

Finally, by checking in regularly on each other’s mental health, it’s a proactive approach to strengthening the relationship’s resilience and navigating adversity together. It’s all about weathering life’s storms as a team, whether that be in supporting each other or tackling relationship problems head on to find a solution.

Ultimately, all the important factors mentioned above ensure that mental health problems don’t escalate and showcase that there is love, support and help there for each other whenever they need it. It can really make a difference in a person’s life and completely transform relationships, bringing people closer together and improving well-being significantly, both individually and as a partnership.

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