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Sneakers Write for Us – Sneakers or sports shoes are the type of footwear that is worn to perform different kinds of sports. It generally has a body made of leather, canvas, and synthetic materials and a rubber sole that offers greater adherence and flexibility.

These sneakers are mainly designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise. Nowadays, it also uses for daily use. The wrong choice of shoes can cause injuries when exercising and pain in joints such as knees and ankles.

Types of Sneakers or Sports Shoes

According to the National Sports Council’s survey of sports habits in Spain, 53.5% of people do some sport. Representing a growth of 13% compared to the study carried out in 2010.

When doing sports, footwear is of great importance. More than many may think since there is a specific shoe for each activity. Although some boots can be helpful in various sports, the ideal is to have specific ones. So we must understand that there are many types of shoes. For almost any sport, however, five are the most common.

  • Sportswear shoes
  • Football Boots
  • Futsal Boots
  • Running shoes
  • Mountain shoes
  • Shoe Features

Each shoe has different characteristics, and this has to do with the utility or sport they were designed for.

Sportswear Sneakers

These are the most common type of sports shoes, used for day-to-day, of a comfortable style that, although it allows us to be fashionable, are not the most appropriate for sports.

These do not possess the so-called “technical elements” that provide the foot with adequate support, depending on the activity practiced.

Football Boots

As its name says, this is the specialized footwear for practicing soccer. These have bumps on the sole, which are called studs. Apart from unique features to improve the game.

Thanks to the studs, this shoe has an excellent grip on the ground, preventing slipping. Some examples can be the Adidas x 18.3 ag football boot.

Futsal Boots

They are specialized footwear for futsal. Unlike football boots, they do not have studs.

However, its sole design is one of the most critical parts since it has excellent traction that is specific for the surfaces of this sport.

Running Shoes

As their name says, they are unique for running. There is a wide variety of them. But the highlights must be its flexibility, lightness, and comfort.

This shoe must be synonymous with comfort since running is an activity that requires some cushioning. It is also important to note that this shoe type differs for women and men.

The female foot is smaller and has a different width and length. Many brands have carried out studies to have a clearer vision and create specific models for them.

Mountain Shoes

They can be unique for hiking, mountaineering, or other activities related to the mountain. One of the main features is the sole. They are usually non-slip to avoid problems when moving on rocky terrain.

They also present breathability and impermeability to avoid moisture so that sweat or water can enter when practicing sport is avoided.

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