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How To Make Sugar Wax at Home? Without Lemon.

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If you have no way to get waxed at the clinic or salon, we have the perfect remedy to put an end to your hair problems: sugar wax. Have you heard it before? It has been a cheap, natural, and beneficial home procedure since ancient Egypt. We have already tried it, and it does work -in addition to leaving the skin clearer and softer due to the active ingredients of its ingredients-only that waxing has its do’s and don’ts so that it works well from the first preparation. So here we leave you everything you need to know so you can try it at home and without hurting yourself!

How To Make Sugar Wax Without Lemon?

One of the most effective and healthy natural methods to remove root hair from the body is waxing with honey, sugar, and lemon, three products that stand out enormously for their infinite properties in beauty and hair care. Skin and hair care. For example, we can moisturize the lips based on honey and exfoliate them based on sugar. Lemon, for its part, is excellent for removing stains and oil from the face. Let’s see how these three ingredients work together on the skin and what benefits home hair removal has.

One of the most significant benefits of waxing at home with natural products is that, apart from being cheaper, it is less invasive for the dermis.

More Benefits Of Waxing With Honey And Sugar Wax:

  • Honey can open the pores and facilitate the total removal of hair and dead cells.
  • This homemade wax slows hair growth, as it has the power to weaken the strength of the hair follicle.
  • Honey has innumerable benefits. One of them is that it defends and moisturizes the skin when it act’s on it.
  • The wax made from honey, sugar, and lemon stimulates cell regeneration.
  • In short, any home hair removal is controllable, more straightforward, cheaper, and healthier. Therefore, we say a resounding yes.

How To Use Sugar Wax Without Strips?

  • 200g sugar
  • The juice of a regular lemon
  • Three tablespoons of water

Mix all the ingredients in a vessel and bring to medium heat until you get a honey-coloured liquid. You must stir so the sugar doesn’t burn because if it does, your wax won’t work anymore.

When you achieve that color, pour the liquid into a thick glass container.

How To Make Homemade Wax of Legs?

Next, please take a little of the wax with a tongue depressor, wait until it reaches room temperature, and distribute a generous layer on the part you want to wax in the direction the hair grows. Remember to do it in small amounts of a maximum of 10 x 10 cm. Then, stick a piece of cotton or fleece cloth over the wax, press down a bit, and pull one end in the opposite direction of hair growth. Repeat the steps with the entire area to be waxed and, when finished, remove that sticky feeling of the sugar residue with a bit of almond oil. Finally, rinse with warm water and apply an ultra-moisturizing cream.

We do not recommend using it on sensitive areas such as the face or bikini since the skin is thinner, and you can hurt yourself.

How Does Sugar Wax Come Out

Making a homemade hair removal wax is a good option since, in addition to using natural products that provide softness and shine to the skin, they have a lower cost because the resin will prepare with ingredients that are easy to and at a lower price. Accessible.

An excellent tip to make waxing easier is to leave the skin less painful by applying a little talcum powder before starting. It prevents the wax from being very sticky, reducing pain during the procedure. In addition, most homemade wax recipes will make with refined or muscovado sugar, which other ingredients can add, such as honey or passion fruit, which helps to leave the skin less irritated after treatment.

In addition, it is essential to take some care before waxing, such as doing an allergy test 2 hours before to check if there is a risk of an allergic reaction, as well as moisturizing the skin every day and exfoliating the area you want to wax.