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The Best Adventskalender 2021 Beauty

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If you are a fan of the makeup and beauty adventskalender 2021 beauty that brands launch every year for Christmas, surely you are already thinking about which one to choose. We make it easier for you by collecting the best options from Sephora, The Body Shop, Yves Rocher, NYX PMU.

Adventskalender 2021 Beauty are one of the attractions of Christmas. The illusion that fans of this type of product feel every day of December can only compare to that of an 8-year-old child on the 25th. The truth is that they are lovely, and there is something for all tastes and pockets. We distinguish how tough it can be to decide on just one, have compiled all that is available for this 2021 and thus help our readers.

And it is that there are specialized in Korean beauty products, of unique brands, combining cosmetic and makeup products with gadgets and nail polish. So come on, go crazy and buy more than one. To all this, we must add the packaging because each one is design in a better way than the previous one, so they are not only ideal Christmas decorations but can also stay on our dressers the rest of the year and help us keep everything in order.

Still Don’t Have Your Makeup and Beauty Adventskalender 2021?

So, read on and get the one you like best. Sephora, L’Occitane, Lancome, Benefit, Clarins… And so on up to 14. It comes in all sizes, prices and colors. These are the best beauty advent calendars we’ve seen for this Christmas 2021! Our range includes the most beautiful advent calendars from well-known brands, sure to become you in the holiday spirit. Whether as a gift for yourself or as a surprise for a loved one – the high-quality calendars make everyone’s eyes shine. And let’s be honest: even nicer than receiving a present is giving it to a loved one. So, to find the ideal calendar for you and your loved ones today.

1. Adventskalender 2021 Beauty and Makeup: CLARINS

The format that Clarins has launched this year for its Christmas beauty advent calendar has won us over because it serves as a decoration for the house and can also be recycled to, for example, hang it inside the bathroom cabinet and keep makeup in order. Includes 24 branded products with their makeup and skincare essentials.

2. Adventskalender 2021 Beauty: SEPHORA

Sephora has also put on sale an advent calendar with multi-brand products. There is everything:  from Benefit to Olaplex through The Ordinary, Moroccanoil or Fenty Beauty. Wow, true jewels you have surely wanted to try for a long time.

3. Adventskalender 2021 Beauty: BENEFIT

One of the favourite makeup brands of many women also usually launches an advent calendar in the mini format, and the truth is that this year not waste. Contains 12 of their best-selling products in travel format.

4. Adventskalender 2021 Beauty: THE BODY SHOP

The Body Shop is another of the usual brands among the best options for buying a beauty advent calendar. In 2021 they launched four different ones. We have selected the one called Love & Joy, with 25 gifts of some of the brand’s top-selling products and some of its novelties.

5. Adventskalender 2021 Beauty: SEPHORA

Sephora always makes various advent calendar formats available to us in its stores so everyone can select the one that works best for them. It is complete with 24 makeup, treatment, bath and accessory products, many of the most emblematic products of the Sephora Collection. They have also launched a fully customizable version, ideal as a gift.

6. Adventskalender 2021 Beauty: AMAZON

Amazon also has its beauty brands and has included them in its advent calendar for this year, along with some of the platform’s top sellers.

7. Adventskalender 2021 Beauty: L’OCCITANE

L’Occitane has also launched three different advent calendars for Christmas 2021, two in a chest format and this one in recycled cotton –which we can easily reuse with a more sustainable approach–with some of the brand’s best sellers.

8. Adventskalender 2021 Beauty: NYX PMU

NYX Professional Make Up is a makeup-only advent calendar. However, it has surprised us with its “Gimme Super Stars” because it hides 24 of its star products for the face, eyes and lips in ideal shades for Christmas.

9. Adventskalender 2021 Beauty: YVES ROCHER

The natural cosmetics brand has launched a beautiful advent calendar for Christmas 2021 at a very affordable price. It includes eight products in their usual format and 16 mini-sizes, including treatments such as makeup, perfumes and hair and body products.

10. Adventskalender 2021 Beauty: RITUALS

Rituals advent calendars are always a work of art in themselves and this year are not far behind. We have selected the 2D version here, but there is another 3D version that is also gorgeous. The windows of this house contain 24 different products of the brand with which you can give away (or give yourself) authentic moments of relaxation.

11. Adventskalender 2021 Beauty: MAYBELLINE NY

Maybelline, NY, also has its advent calendar for this Christmas, and the truth is that it is not a waste. There are all kinds of products: accessories, makeup, and cosmetics—a luxury at a very affordable price.

12. Adventskalender 2021 Beauty: BOBBY BROWN

Bobbi Brown is another makeup brand that has conquered us, which is why their advent calendar is so special. It contains 12 beautiful products in different formats with which you will get the best look for the holidays.

13. Adventskalender 2021 Beauty: MIIN

This Korean cosmetics store dazzled us again this 2021 with its advent calendar. This time it is inspired by flowers and includes masks and cosmetics of all kinds with floral extracts so you can create a new beauty routine with all these wonders.

14. Adventskalender 2021 Beauty: LANCOME

Fans of the brand are sure to be dying to get their hands on this precious advent calendar valued at €500. Includes 24 iconic miniatures of the brand, with products for skincare, makeup and fragrances.


Finally, this year our continuously updated beauty adventskalender 2021 overview – the best makeup, skincare, nail polish & fragrance advent calendars in Germany and from all over the world at a glance. Discover now the best of the festival with trend brands from cosmetics, care and makeup and let yourself be infected by our festive mood.

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