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The summer self-care night routine you never knew you needed

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A complete self-care night routine for the summer is the ideal way to improve your well-being and mood. 

If you’re a firm believer in self-care, as we are, then you probably dedicate some of your time to looking for the perfect routine for you. When you feel good, your mood is positive, and you’re a much happier person, people enjoy spending time around. As the summer comes, it’s time to change your daily habits a little because the warmer weather requires some night routine alterations to sleep better, stay cool, and relax.

Lifestyle specialists agree that a self-care routine is paramount and is key to how rested you feel in the morning. Developing a self-care routine that fits your lifestyle will help your body unwind even during the most torrid nights.

What is self-care?

We mentioned the term self-care, so let’s figure out what it stands for before diving into the routine we suggest for a relaxing summer night.

Self-care implies taking the best care of yourself. The habits you build to feel better are different from those of other people, and each routine is personalized according to individual needs. Your ideal self-care routine can be as simple as taking a bubble bath, washing your face, drinking tea, playing with your pets and reading a book before bed.

Set time aside for your routine every night

You’re busy. We get it, and so is everyone these days. But if you want to boost your sleep quality during summer, you must set aside time for your routine. People usually find it easier to stick to a morning routine because they have more energy at the beginning of the day. However, a nighttime routine might be more challenging to follow, especially if you work late into the night. But it would help if you had a stopping time to rest, so squeeze 10-15 minutes in between your last task and bedtime to engage in a routine that helps you unwind. Setting boundaries and creating habits is essential to help your brain get into the peaceful state that enables you to fall asleep.

Have a quick yoga session

The nighttime is the moment when you allow yourself to disconnect from the outside world. Putting your phone aside 1-2 hours before going to bed is recommended. If you find relaxing difficult, have a quick yoga session to help your brain disconnect from the outside noise. Your brain does a lot of data processing during the day, and yoga could help it find its balance. You can find online 5-minute guided yoga sessions that get you through simple stretches that ease out the stress of the day. If you have a spacious outdoor area where you can put a yoga mat, take your yoga session outside the house and breathe the fresh summer air while going through asanas.


Skincare should also be on your list for a relaxing summer nighttime routine, even if you don’t follow this exact order. After stretching your body, you’ll definitely feel the need to take a shower or maybe even a long bath. Once you get out of the water, settle yourself in front of the bathroom mirror and go through a skincare routine that helps your complexion stay healthy in the summer. It’s best to keep make-up to a minimum during the hot months of the year to prevent the skin from clogging and cleanse it thoroughly every night to remove any residue. Wash your face with your cleanser of choice and apply a little moisturizer to help the skin recover overnight. Once or twice a week, you can even use a face mask to provide your skin with the necessary nutrients to stay healthy and glowy.

Drink water and nourish your body

Don’t trust the myths that you shouldn’t eat after 7 pm. As long as you have your dinner 2 hours before bed, you can incorporate your meal into your self-care night routine, and it won’t ruin your fit body. The last thing you want is to get hungry overnight and wake up because you can no longer stand the grumbling in your stomach. Breaking into the fridge at 2 am might cause you to gain some weight.

Besides providing your body with the necessary nutrients to have a restful sleep, you should also ensure you drink water before bed because you won’t have another taste of it for a couple of hours. And trust us, it’s far from fun to wake up dehydrated. It’s basically the worst way to start your day, and you might get a headache. Drink a glass of water about an hour before settling down, and you won’t have any issues waking up during the night to use the restroom.

Get cozy

Do you have a pair of womens pajamas around for the summer nights? If you don’t make sure to purchase a high-quality one because you need to dress in clothing that allows your skin to breathe and causes no rashes or scratches over the night because of tossing around. If you’re like most people who cannot sleep without covering themselves with a blanket, look for one made from cotton to prevent your body from overheating.

Read a book

One thing that helps most people fall asleep and have a restful night is reading a book before bed. Instead of using your mobile devices and exposing yourself to blue light, get a book and dive into a new world that’ll make falling into a slumbering state easier.

Drink a cup of tea

Another trick to calm your senses during the night is to drink a cup of tea meant for relaxing. Stay away from caffeinated black tea because it’ll disrupt your sleep patterns. Look out for teas made from plants that help you relax and fall asleep.

Final words

Bedtime routines are great during the summer when the heat makes it more challenging to fall asleep. You’ll find that the above habits will replace your stress with something more peaceful to prepare you for a productive next day.

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