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Top Reasons to Consider Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation, also known as breast implants, is a big decision to make. It involves being placed under general anesthesia while a plastic surgeon places silicone or saline implants above or below the chest muscles. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation was the fifth-most popular procedure in 2020. It remains popular with women for many of the surprising reasons below.

Breast Augmentation

They Have Asymmetrical Breasts

A number of women consider breast augmentation when they have asymmetrical breasts. Typically, this is caused by uneven estrogen levels or growth spurts during puberty. While many women learn to embrace their asymmetry, others want to achieve a more symmetrical breast appearance.

In that case, they approach a plastic surgeon to discuss their breast augmentation options. Sometimes, they simply enhance the smaller breast while, other times, they enlarge both of them simultaneously.

They’ve Experienced Weight Loss

Many women want to lose weight around their hips, thighs, and stomachs. However, you typically can’t choose where you lose weight through a healthy diet and exercise. While they might be happy to be losing weight, they can become frustrated when they lose it around their bust. However, breast augmentation can sometimes be the solution they’re looking for. They can enjoy being able to maintain their healthier weight while retaining the same breast size.

They’ve Been Pregnant

Pregnancy can dramatically change a woman’s breasts, and they don’t always return to their pre-baby size and shape. Many women find that their breasts become smaller and can sag more. Many women seek out breast augmentation to restore them to how they were before they had a baby. If you decide to have children in the future and breastfeed them, most breast implant surgeries do their best to make this a possibility.

Their Breasts Are Smaller Than They Prefer

Sometimes, women seek breast augmentation simply because their breasts are smaller than they want. They want them to be fuller and larger and don’t see a way to achieve that look naturally. Both saline and silicone implants can be an ideal way to achieve this goal. Women can meet with plastic surgeons to talk about their preferred size and get the bust they dreamed of having.

They’ve Had a Mastectomy

Millions of women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, with a common treatment option being a mastectomy. A mastectomy involves removing one or both breasts to remove cancerous tissue and prevent the cancer from spreading.

While women undergoing cancer treatment are happy to be alive, they can struggle with the prospect of losing a part of their body. Breast augmentation can be a way to feel whole again and reinstate what they may perceive as their lost femininity.

To Look Younger

Age can take its toll on our bodies. Many women find that their breasts lose volume with age and sag. While we can embrace our older bodies, we also have the option to change them. Many women opt for both breast augmentation and a breast lift for a more youthful look.

Whether your breasts are smaller than you want them to be or you have another reason for not liking them, you have options to get the bust you deserve. Breast augmentation is a valid option for many women who want to feel more confident in their own skin.