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Trajes Vaqueros – what is it, ways to style and More

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You might have come across the term ‘trajes vaqueros’ or a ‘denim suit’ when looking for modified suits. But are trajes vaqueross like jean jackets, a form of casual streetwear?

If you’ve never got denim or trajes vaqueross, here is everything you need to know about them: what they are, when you dress them, why you wear them, and where you can get a bespoke trajes vaquero.

What is a Trajes Vaqueros?

Any tailored outfit will do, including a trajes vaqueros. The company is composed of denim cloth, which is the only significant distinction.

Since denim makes up most of the jeans, a casual type of leg wear, you may assume that a trajes vaquero is also casual attire. But it isn’t always the case.

Why Should you Wear Trajes Vaqueros?

Now that you know that denim may be used to create suits, why would you dress in tailored trajes vaqueros?

The fact that denim fabric is lighter than other types of material available for pants is one of the many reasons jeans are so popular. Another flexible material that many people find comfortable wearing is denim.

Now picture having all those qualities in a custom-fit suit. Jean and denim suits are like a different laid-back, professional version of a tailored suit that is both light and comfy.

When do you Wear a Trajes Vaquero?

Jean and denim suits nonetheless look sharp and feel comfortable, despite not being as formal as typically tailored suits.

Trajes vaqueross is an excellent option for party attire, especially semiformal, work-related events. Few other outfits can match the exciting balance that custom denim suits present between relaxed casualness and professional presentation.

Where you can get a Trajes Vaqueros?

A new service Nathon Kong provides is the tailoring of personalized, made-to-measure jeans and denim suits, with a range of fabric and colour options to choose from in customizing your case.

Our trajes vaqueross, like our bespoke suits, have illustrations by Les Impatients. A nonprofit organization called Les Impatients offers therapeutic art classes to assist those experiencing mental health issues.

Via the account of a person’s struggle with mental illness and subsequent recovery, you may empathize with your suit and promote mental health awareness through art.

To help nonprofit groups like Les Impatients continue to support local artists and mental health, Nathon Kong donates 10% of all sales to them.

7 Ways to Style Trajes vaqueros

Create your denim outfit by adding your jean jacket to one of the following ensembles:

1. Go for a classic white tee look

Wear a denim jacket over a white T-shirt, chinos, khakis, leggings, and white sneakers to match your shirt.

2. Layer with a hoodie

For an added layer of warmth in the winter, you can wear an oversized denim jacket over a hoodie or sweatshirt.

3. Go double denim

An all-denim look, known as a “Canadian tuxedo,” consists of a matching jean jacket and a pair of jeans. This head-to-toe denim look makes a bold statement.

4. Play with different colours

White and black jean jackets are classic, or you can go bold with a brightly-coloured jean jacket. Light-wash denim jackets are generally more casual, whereas dark washes are more formal.

5. Wear it over a crop top

Try a pair of earth-tone, high-waisted pants and a colourful crop top with your blue or black denim jacket.

6. Pair with a dress

You can wear a blazer-style denim jacket over a button-down dress or a midi dress for an office-appropriate look. Accessorize with jewellery to elevate the outfit. For a more casual outfit, wear a jean jacket over a mini-dress.

7. Distress your jacket for extra edge

Just as you can distress your blue jeans, you can worry about a jean jacket using a shaver, cheese grater, scissors, or other household tools to nick your jacket, create some holes, and give it a well-worn look.

How to combine a Trajes and Vaqueros?

I know what many of you are thinking: never pair a suit with jeans. However, it is possible to wear a suit with jeans with a lot of style and formality. Understanding when you can “bend” the rules is key to making this happen. So what are these rules? Let’s talk about them to help you create a look with jeans and a suit that suits you.

A suit and jeans shouldn’t cause a divorce with your only case

Many gentlemen own only one claim. For most, it’s a navy blue suit with matching pants bought years ago for important events. So why not try to overwear the case with matching jeans?

Let me be clear: if this is a suit jacket or the only suit you own, DO NOT wear it with jeans, chinos, or anything other than the pants he wears to match.

The reason is having a ready-to-wear suit (defined again as a jacket with matching pants) is more valuable than the ability to wear the suit jacket as a blazer or sports jacket.

If your jacket becomes damaged or discoloured, you’re out of the essential clothing in your wardrobe.

It can happen more straightforwardly than you think, as once you like the combination and wash the jacket more than the pants, it leads to a colour difference.

You don’t want to be without a suit when you need it (unexpected funeral, wedding, or special occasion) and replacing it quickly can be expensive.

Again, a cardinal rule of being a well-dressed man is to have a suit ready for life’s significant events. Never sacrifice your suit jacket just for a new combination.

Get a sporty jacket or blazer if you want to achieve this look. Short on cash? Go to the thrift store and try to find a blazer or sport coat that fits well enough for you to try out the look.

The fit of the men’s blazer with jeans and dress shoes

Never wear clothes that don’t fit you well. A simple rule of thumb, but most men wear clothes one to two sizes too big. The key to a good fit is knowing what it looks similar to.

There’s a sure way to fit a jacket: it should sit comfortably on the shoulders, allowing the wearer to quickly move their arms back and forth. In addition, a coat should be free from pulling and wrinkling over the shoulders, nor should it look loose and baggy. Finally, if the skin is too small or too big, don’t try to pair it with jeans.

Is the style of the jacket with jeans timeless?

Proceed with caution if you’ve found a jacket from the 70s. For example, though heavily at the thrift store, wide four-finger lapels went out of style in the 80s.

Note that the lapels (width and style), pocket placement, jacket length, shoulder construction, button placement, and vents have also gone out of fashion.

Lapel widths should be within classic standards, and the notch lapel style should be definitive. A patch pocket is a bonus for use with jeans or odd pants.

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