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Truekind Bra for Women

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Truekind Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra is made from super-comfy nylon-elastane fabric, which provides non-stop, breathable support. It is an online service that specializes in affordable wireless bras. The super-wide straps add another layer of comfort and support, and no more painful grooves from straps that dig into your shoulders.

This company stands out because of its incredibly inclusive size range; despite the low prices, the brand does not sacrifice comfort, fit, or support.

About The Truekind Founder & Brand Story

About The Truekind Founder & Brand Story

Massimiliano Tirocchi is the co-founder and the Chief Marketing Officer of Shapermint, an e-commerce platform for shapewear founded in 2018. Massimiliano Tirocchi is a 28-year-old man from Montevideo, Uruguay.

Tirocchi’s idea is to make women think of body positivity. He made it easier for women to shop for shapewear from various brands, including Hanes, Maidenform, and Bali.

How Can You Use Truekind Bras?

Truekind shows you how to use a tape measure or a simple cord to find your cup and band sizes. Truekind also has sizing experts who can help with problems using that guide. They can see what Truekind bra size will fit you and help you find your size. It is machine washable, which makes cleaning your bra simple for you: cold or warm water and a lower set on your washing machine.

It would be best if you placed these bras in a bag specially designed for delicate. After cleaning your bras, air dries them. Always skip the drier and let your bras air dry, regardless of your method. Regular washing spreads the life of Truekind bras.

Where Can You Use Truekind Bras?

Where Can You Use Truekind Bras_

Truekind has all kinds of simple sports bras that are flawless for wearing to the gym or whether you want to exercise at home. Other places to wear these bras include: When you don’t want to struggle with your bra on a day of fun with your friends and if you want to hit the town and look fabulous while still feeling happy as you dance the evening away. On vacation, especially if you need to spend hours in a car or on a flight and want to avoid discomfort. It would be best to get your bra on and off as quickly as possible.

What sizes does Truekind offer?

Are you scared Truekind might not have your size in their collections? Do not be alarmed. Truekind products come in different sizes, just the way you like them.

The bracelets come in sizes from XS to 4XL, while the reactive sports bras come in sizes ranging from S to 3XL. The shaper bras come in S to 4XL. There is no way you will omit their reckoning.

Pros & Cons

Now that you know more about the brand and its roots, this Truekind bras review will establish some baseline pros and cons:


Comfort: Truekind bras are designed to provide a comfortable fit. They often use soft, stretchy materials that offer a gentle, supportive feel.

Wire-free design: Many Truekind bras are wire-free, which can be more comfortable for extended wear and reduce the risk of discomfort or irritation.

Versatility: Truekind bras often offer versatile features, such as removable padding or adjustable straps, allowing for customization and adaptability to different outfits and preferences.

Seamless construction: Truekind bras are typically seamless, which means they have no visible seams or lines under clothing. It can create a smooth and flattering look.


Limited style options: While Truekind bras prioritize comfort and functionality, they may have a more limited range of styles than other lingerie brands. It could be a drawback for those seeking specific designs or aesthetic preferences.

Limited support for larger busts: Truekind bras may not provide sufficient support for individuals with larger bust sizes. They are generally more suitable for those with more minor to medium-sized busts.

Truekind Bra Bestsellers

Truekind Bra Bestsellers

1 Truekind Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra Review

The Truekind Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra is just what you have been expecting. Now it is here to fit and gently lift your breast. It comfortably molds your breast in shape and blends it in naturally.

It comes with customized cups that offer control and lift, a hook and eye back closure for easy on and off, and pads for all-day confidence and comfort.

2 Truekind Everyday Throw-on Wireless Bralette Review

Truekind Everyday Throw-on Wireless Bralette is for you to make you feel unrestricted; in addition, it also offers support. The bralette is a lightweight bra without an underwire, designed primarily to make you comfortable. It is the ideal bralette to wear under a T-shirt.

Truekind has no slip, hook, eye, or underwire; this helps eliminate pain and irritation. It comes with wide straps that guarantee its good fit.

3 Truekind Enhanced Comfort Wireless Shaper Review

The Truekind Enhanced Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra is for a purpose. Enhanced comfort; it came with three customized layers of foam for the cups; this bra deals with support and makes you breathe easily.

It has a wide band, a four-row hook, an eye closure, and an extender. They help hold it fit and give you the benefit of breathing easily. This shaper bra helps you boost your breast just how you want them and still looks natural.

4 Truekind Reactive Sports Bra Review

Do you feature sports or yoga? Then the Truekind Reactive Sports Bra is considered because of you. It is designed with a nylon and spandex blend for an adjustable seamless hold to keep your babies in their abode.

It has customized, removable pads that provide comfort, a scoop neck, and thick shoulder straps to enjoy restriction-free mobility.

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