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For waxing, people use wax beans. Getting rid of body hair waxing is one most popular ways. The result lasts longer than shaving because waxing pulls out hair from the root and is convenient and quick.

We have seen that wax beans take fewer materials and less time to apply and dry. It does not require the additional step of using paper to remove it. Wax beans themselves harden into a plastic material that can easily pull off.

While the hard wax beans hurt a little less than the traditional ones, now you know that waxing will never be a “painless” experience. So cross that off the bucket list?

Traditional strip wax

Our major mistake: We let our producers convince us to wax each other, and we did so only with the direction of a small set of instructions that came inside the box, which we read by the light of a dark workshop. Only after tearing hair from each other’s skin did we learn helpful tips such as:

  • Apply the wax in the same way as the hair.
  • Hold the skin at the base of the paper before removal.
  • Tear the paper away in the reverse path of the hair.

Your ignorance led to added pain, but it wasn’t responsible for all.

How to wax painlessly?

There are areas of the body that are more sensitive than others. You know what we are talking about, but we have good news: learning how to wax the bikini area without pain is possible. While the wax method will always be the most painful, as the pull required to remove hair by the roots needs to be vital to be effective, there are tricks you can try during painless at-home waxing.

The first tip for painless waxing is to exfoliate before waxing, as it prepares the skin by removing dead cells and allows the wax to cling well to the hair. Another trick you can try is to trim the hairs if they are too long: remember that for waxing to be more effective and less painful, the inches should measure between 3 and 5mm.

Hair removal at home without pain: electric epilators

Painless home hair removal exists, and we’ll show you what it’s all about! Hair removal with electric machines, if your skin is well-ready and you use the right epilator, can be very effective, comfortable, and painless. For example, it allows waxing in the shower when the skin is moist, soft, and with open pores, which makes hair removal more available and reduces pain.

These modern machines have a design that eases their use to reach the entire body. It is a great solution when we think about how to epilate the armpits without pain, particularly under the shower. It also comes with a massage head that will relax your skin before, during, and after waxing, leaving it soft and glowing.

Care for your skin after waxing

Post-epilation care is as essential as the epilation itself, and in addition, it also affects the speed with which the hair will grow back. To do this, you can put the post-depilatory lotion in the refrigerator so that it cools down a bit and thus improve its calming and relaxing effect.

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