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Yoga is a discipline from India and originated more than 5000 years ago. Therefore, it is a practice of a physical, mental, and spiritual type of yoga whose primary goal is to balance the body, breath, and mind. This practice uses physical postures, meditation, and breathing exercises to improve overall health. In the west, many people do yoga to train and reduce stress.

Types of Yoga

There are for all tastes, audiences, and levels. Some are dynamic, such as vinyasa, ashtanga, rocket, Bikram,  or power yoga. So others, like hatha yoga, Sivananda, or Iyengar yoga, are more relaxed. And also there are passive ones, like yin yoga, restorative yoga,  yoga nidra, and even facial yoga.

Benefits Of Yoga

It is not a myth that yoga and health always go hand in hand, and it benefits both physical and mental health, extending beyond the mat. Therefore, all over the world, actors, actresses, and celebrities have experienced the benefits of yoga. So, more and more yogis are joining this ancient practice, and it will be for a reason.

At the physical level

  • Balance, strength, and resistance in broad strokes.
  • Yoga postures gain flexibility. It contributes to eliminating muscular tensions due to stress and relaxes and stretches the body’s muscles.
  • Breathing capacity increases thanks to breathing techniques.
  • It improves the immune system, reducing the chances of contracting diseases or digestive problems since we reduce cortisol levels and blood pressure.
  • So it improves anatomical posture and prevents daily pain and injuries from inactive habits or bad postures.
  • It helps reduce specific pain in the back and knees and also menstrual pain by focusing on particular areas of the body.
  • It burns calories and helps you lose weight by working the entire body.

At a mental and emotional level

  • Develop concentration by focusing solely on the breath and body when building the poses.
  • Remove your limitations.
  • Therefore, it brings discipline as it requires reliability and perseverance.
  • Yoga reduce stress, anxiety, and depression thanks to relaxation techniques.
  • From meditation, the heart rate decreases, and the nervous system calms down.
  • So for all of the above, it helps to sleep better, promotes self-control and decreases the ego, and improves brain neuroplasticity to change and improve our habits.
  • Therefore, it improves mood and self-confidence thanks to the well-being it provides.

Yoga for Pregnant

A study claims that yoga is the best exercise for pregnancy, as it is more effective than walking or prenatal exercise classes and can be done safely in women suffering from depression. It is proven that yoga can help reduce depressive symptoms during pregnancy, especially when posture exercises attended by meditation and deep relaxation, which makes it ideal for those who suffer from depression or anxiety.

Other benefits of yoga during pregnancy are:

·        Reduces back pain by improving body posture.

·        It helps to sleep better , since it is a relaxing activity that reduces the feeling of fatigue and stress.

·        So you form an even stronger connection with your baby by making you focus on your breath, thereby becoming more aware of your body.

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