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Benefits of Anjeer in Hindi

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Benefits of Anjeer in Hindi – We all know how beneficial dry fruits are for health. Do you know the benefit of Anjeer? Anjeer is called Fig in English, while its scientific name is Ficus carica. Figs provide many benefits to the body. The properties of figs are very beneficial for health. Figs are rich in nutrients zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron, antioxidants, and fiber. Its daily intake helps in fighting many diseases. It can consume in every season. You can also include soaked figs in your diet.

Because of its properties, ayurveda also advises you to include it in your daily diet. It contains soluble fiber, which helps reduce weight and control blood sugar.

What is fig?

What is fig_

Fig is a dry fruit. It is of two categories, which are:-

One – which cultivates. The leaves and fruits of this fig are large.

Second – wild figs. Its leaves and fruits are smaller than cultivated figs.

Functional Parts of  Anjeer Fruit

Figs can be used differently, and dried figs are readily available at any dry fruit store. You can use the following parts of the fig tree:-

  • leaves
  • Milk
  • Root
  • Stem bark

Benefits of Figs

Figs are rich in nutrients. Vitamin A, calcium, Vitamin C, potassium, iron, and magnesium are found reasonably in figs. Figs are also high in calories, carbs, fiber, and natural sugar. They are considered a panacea for constipation. Eating figs every day helps in cleaning the stomach properly.

Benefits of Figs

Figs contain potassium and calcium. Both of these make the bones strong. Figs can also help in keeping the stomach and intestines healthy. Eating figs can help in controlling high blood pressure. It is beneficial for heart health.


you can include anjeer in the diet To reduce obesity. It can help in weight loss because fig is a low-calorie food.

Helpful in weight loss

Figs contain nutrients like copper, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. With the help of these nutrients, your metabolism remains perfect. Figs are also rich in fiber, which keeps your stomach full for a long time. Figs also control your calorie intake. Therefore, to lose weight, include figs in your diet.


Figs consider an excellent fruit for immunity because the properties of vitamins, potassium, minerals, and calcium are found in them, which can help strengthen immunity.

Improve Heart Health

The antioxidants present in figs also help in controlling your blood pressure. Apart from this, it is also suitable for heart health. Triglycerides are a significant cause of heart-related problems. They can cure by Fig. Fig reduces the level of triglycerides in a body.


If iron is deficient, including figs in the diet can be a good option. Consuming figs and milk can remove iron deficiency.

Make bones strong

Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium are found in figs. All these nutrients are essential for bone health. All these nutrients make your bones strong.



If you have constipation or stomach problems, you can consume figs. The properties found in figs can relieve abdominal pain, gas, and constipation problems.

Increase Fertility

We have already told you that figs are a storehouse of minerals like zinc, manganese, magnesium, and iron. All these elements promote reproductive health. The antioxidants and fiber present in it are also very effective in hormone imbalance and problems occurring during periods. Women advise to eat figs even in weakness.


Consumption of figs is beneficial for asthma patients. Eating figs provides moisture to the mucus membranes inside the body and clears phlegm. Asthma patients can eat it with milk.

Urinary diseases

Consuming figs is also beneficial for urinary diseases, such as pain in urination, metabolic diseases, etc.


Calcium is abundant in figs, which can help strengthen the bones. You can avoid the problem of weak bones by consuming figs and milk.

Lower blood sugar

Figs contain high amounts of potassium. It controls the level of diabatic in your body. The chlorogenic acid existing in figs can help lesser blood sugar levels. You can use chopped figs in salads and smoothies.

Chronic Cough

In case of chronic cough, eat ripe fig fruit mixed with honey. It is beneficial in chronic cough and the disease of phlegm bleeding.

Use of figs on insect bites (Benefits of Figs for Insect Bite in Hindi)

Apply fig milk on the insect bites. It cures pain and burning caused by insect bites.

Treatment of warts

Warts can also treat using figs. You must take the raw fig fruit and apply its milk on the wart. There will be a benefit to this.

Benefit for Hair

Often hair loss starts due to nutritional deficiencies. According to research conducted on rats, a formula prepared by combining figs with natural ingredients such as coconut oil and soybeans can stimulate hair growth by increasing the production of beta-carotene. At the same time, research has found that cuttings of fig leaves can be beneficial in avoiding problems like androgenic alopecia (a type of baldness).

How to consume figs?

You can consume figs in this way:-

  • Decoction of figs – 10-20 ml.
  • Fig fruits – 1 to 2

To get the full benefits of figs, use them after consulting expert advice.

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