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Body care is everyone’s task; no one can do it for you. When something goes wrong, your body generates warnings, and the truth is that if you maintain good habits, you will feel better. It is healthy means feeling good about yourself and enjoying physical and emotional well-being.

Our health is an aspect of our life that we must take care of not only in a pandemic context but also in the actions we carry out daily in a routine and preventive manner. Our physical and mental well-being is essential to develop our activities fully, cope with daily life’s stress, be productive at work and personally, and thereby contribute positively to society.

Tips that will help you in body care

It is only necessary to spend a little time and apply these tips to gain health.

1. Eat a balanced diet

Maintaining a varied and balanced diet that meets daily nutritional requirements is essential for body care.

It can help you maintain a healthy body weight and avoid risk factors for your health. According to the WHO, a healthy diet includes 400 grams of vegetables and fruits daily and less than 10% of the daily caloric intake from free sugars.

In addition, it recommends consuming less than 30% of the daily caloric intake of fats, preferably unsaturated fats present in avocados, nuts, fish, and vegetable oils that you can include in your healthy lunch.

2. Perform regular physical activity to ensure body care

Daily physical activity is vital to body care and benefits your health. Exercise can help you strengthen your bones, reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, and improve vitality. Practicing 150 weekly minutes of moderate physical activity or 75 intense minutes is recommended.

3. Do not smoke or consume alcohol in excess

Cigarettes and excess alcohol increase the possibility of suffering from chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular, lung, and liver diseases, and even cancer. Quitting smoking and not consuming alcohol in excess can help you improve your overall well-being.

4. Have a good rest

Having seven hours of quality rest each night is essential for your health. Sleeping well allows your body and mind to recover from daily activities. Keeping it as a habit can help you reduce the risk of diabetes, hypertension, depression, and even being overweight.

5. Avoiding stress is essential for body care

Recurring stressful situations can cause health problems such as insomnia, anxiety, and mood swings.

It is essential that you control these situations and that you learn to recognize the factors that cause them. In this way, you contribute to your emotional well-being and care for your mental health.

6. Consume enough water

Drinking 1.5 liters of water daily keeps your body hydrated and helps it absorb nutrients efficiently.

It is essential to include them as a lifestyle that benefits your health and provides greater physical and mental well-being.

These bad habits can damage the brain

  • Skip breakfast
  • Smoking
  • Frequent exposure to polluted environments
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Overeating
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Stress and Violence
  • Do not perform physical activity
  • Lack of mental stimuli and exercise

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