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The eyelashes are the hairs found on the eyelids of the eye. The hair is present on both sides of the eyelids. It helps protect the eye from external bodies coming from outside and is highly sensitive to touch. Any contact with them activates a response movement that instantly closes the eyelids.

The number of lashes is higher on the upper eyelid (around 100) than on the lower one, and they generally distribute in 3 layers.

In the beginning, they develop between the seventh and eighth week. Eyelashes grow back if they fall out or pluck, taking approximately seven to eight weeks to grow back.

How Do Eyelashes Grow?

Eyelashes grow in three phases:

  • Anagen phase: hair grows inside the hair follicle. This process can take between 20 and 45 days.
  • Catagen phase: the follicle contracts, and growth stops. This phase can last between 2 and 3 weeks.
  • Telogen phase: the eyelash enters a state of rest until it falls off and concludes its natural life process. This phase can last 100 days.

Types Of Eyelash

Not all eyes are the same, and not everyone wants the same. That’s why our team will help you choose the perfect design, making you feel even more incredible.

1D Eyelashes

It all started with them. The super lashes revolution! It also calls them “classics.” With 1D extensions, the much-desired MASCARA EFFECT achieve. The technique is straightforward: an extension is placed on each of your natural eyelashes. As you prefer, several diameters are available to create more discreet or more marked effects. Our team will always recommend which best suits your eyelash, which is the perfect option if you want a natural result.

2D Tabs

It is one of the star designs. If the 1D achieves a mascara effect, with 2D, you will get the famous EYELINER EFFECT. The 2D ones are still very natural, but they give you a touch of volume. The primary difference with 1D is that with 2D, two extensions are placed for each natural eyelash instead of one. They are ultrafine eyelashes that double the magic of your look.

3D Eyelashes

If you want a little more volume and are looking for a somewhat more pronounced effect than 2D, 3D is for you. The 3D ones draw a minor shading that we call EYESHADOW EFFECT.

5D Eyelashes

These extensions would be the ones you would choose, without a doubt. With 5D, You experience a very, very intense density, fabulous, magical.

6D Eyelashes

If you love the extreme, we present the absolute queens of volume. The truth is that we assessed the gem and the dimensions with them.

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