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How Exercise Can Help Give You Glowing Skin

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Figure 1 Exercise really can help your skin glow

It is not always easy to get going when it comes to exercising. There are plenty of ways we convince ourselves that it might be better to give it a miss. One of those excuses (because that’s what they really are!) is that the sweat and heat will ruin your complexion. But the truth is that exercise is actually really good for your skin.

We are not talking about reaching the sporting levels of elite athletes. No one is going to be using their sportsbook bonuses to back you to win an Olympic gold medal. But steady, but regular, exercise can benefit your entire body – including your soon-to-be glowing skin.

How Exercise Helps Your Skin

You may have heard about a post-workout glow and doubted that what people are talking about is your beetroot-red face dripping with sweat. But there are some scientific reasons why you could finish your exercise with a radiant glow instead. If scientists are saying this, then there must be something in it, right?

When we exercise our heart rate is increased, meaning that blood is pumped around the body quicker. This also enables enriching nutrients to reach our skin quicker, providing that all-important glow. Even the sweating is beneficial, as it is our body releasing toxins through the skin.

The Best Exercise for Skin

There is some evidence that high-intensity workouts can help the look of your skin, as they help other areas of your body. But the answer for most people is to just do the exercise that you will enjoy – and will keep on enjoying. It is the regular exercise routine that will help you de-stress.

If the thought of going for a run gets you all stressed in the first place, then it is unlikely to help with your skin – partly because you will not want to do it very often. Yoga is a good idea, as it will generally be very calming. But anything you enjoy that causes you to sweat a little should do the trick.

Cleansing is Important

Of course, all of this exercise will not end up helping your skin if you are not also looking after your skin post-workout. This is especially true if you have sensitive skin or a condition like eczema. You should not exercise in full make-up and you should try to wash and cleanse straight after finishing.

When you exercise properly you will sweat – we have already seen that this is beneficial. But if you don’t wash immediately after, that sweat will dry and cause itchiness. If you really don’t have an opportunity to wash properly after exercising, you should carry wipes that are good for sensitive skin.

Figure 2 Choose exercise that you will actually want to do

Figure 2 Choose exercise that you will actually want to do

Don’t Worry About Red Face

A lot of you may be put off exercise by the thought of looking like a red balloon immediately after and not the glowing goddess you dream of. But this is a natural reaction to exercise and not something you can do about. You should know it is nothing to do with being unfit or even overheating.

It could actually be down to genetics. If you are also someone who seems to blush more than others, it is because you will have more blood vessels in your face. When your body gets hotter, through exercising, it will radiate that heat to the outside. It is nothing to be ashamed of and will soon cool down to that required glow.

Keep That Post-Work Out Glow Going

The most important thing to remember when it comes to exercise is to make a routine of it. That way your skin will glow more and be more healthier. The release of toxins and the oxygen and nutrients making their way to your skin will then make your skin look younger.

Exercise could also help with tightening your skin. More exercise will promote more muscle mass and that can tighten looser skin. The fact that exercise is good for you is hardly revolutionary, of course. But knowing that you could help your skin glow with a simple regular routine should be enough reason to give it a go.

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