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Tips On How To Slim Your Face

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Slim Your Face – Who has the most rounded face always wonders how to thin the beginning. One of the main techniques is contouring the skin with makeup. However, this is not such a simple alternative, and, for those who are not very familiar with brushes, it can end up with the opposite effect.

In order not to make mistakes in using powder, concealer, and blush of different shades applied to different areas of the face, it is worth betting on other simple tricks. Other techniques don’t require as much makeup skill and help make the face thinner.

Tips On How To Slim Your Face

One of the most straightforward tips for thinning the face is to bet on the cat eye. With well defined and thick lines, the eyes will be more prominent and will reduce attention to the rest of the face. By emphasizing the outer corners of the eyes, the lower half of the face will appear slimmer, creating balance.

Drawing the eyebrows, so they are thicker and more voluminous also contributes to the appearance of a thinner face as it helps to fill in the spaces. For this, it is enough to cover minor flaws with a pencil, elongating the eyebrows with makeup and, at the same time, maintaining a natural effect.

Even hair can influence when it comes to learning how to thin the face. The exceptionally smooth and drained strands, without volume, make a look appear more expansive. To balance that rounder shape, use your hair loose and slightly wavy, with more texture.

Slim Your Face

Compact powder and blush with a slightly darker tone than the skin are also great allies to thin the face. Make a line under the cheekbone, from the ear to the center of the face. Afterward, apply the powder making a gradient, starting stronger at the ends and lightening until it reaches the center of the face.

I couldn’t miss using the illuminator at strategic points to complete the tips on tuning the face. To achieve a more elongated look, highlight with concealer or powder with lighter tones in the center of the forehead, chin, below the eyes, and below the eyebrows.

Essential Products To Slim Your Face

Regarding how to thin the face, two products are essential in makeup. Using the rule that it is necessary to lighten the region of the look you want to highlight  and darken those you wish to hide, the highlighter and blush cannot be missing.

In addition to the highlighter, you can use a concealer or compact powder in lighter shades. Likewise, blush in earthy tones, such as dark beige or almond, can be replaced with a darker powder.