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A wedding ceremony is a primary function that offers the bride and groom an opportunity to make promises to each other. Those promises form the basis of their marriage and give the officiating ministry the right to pronounce them man and wife. Therefore, they should keep and care for specific promises to secure and fulfil their wedding. And the entire ceremony should highlight and clarify those promises to the friends and family that attend.

We can describe it as the union of two people arranged through certain rites or legal formalities, which seek to establish and maintain a community of life and interests. It celebrates in its civil or religious version, and some couples even resort to a “symbolic ceremony” to seal their love.

Is a symbolic wedding a real wedding?

You want to get married in your dream venue abroad, so why is it a destination wedding, not a marriage? Well, a marriage and a wedding are two different things – a symbolic wedding IS your whole day!

Difference between a marriage and a wedding

Marriage: Marriage is the union between two people of the same or different sex, celebrated in the manner provided by law.

Wedding: This meeting is more associated with the party with which a marriage celebrates. In countries like Peru, it is also identify as the reception that takes place after the couple’s union and where the spouses are officially present.

A legal contract has been made in a marriage, usually including 40 words plus your name and your signatures witnessed in a register. Marriage and wedding can be done at the same time or at different times, and it is a traditional celebration.

Traditions and superstitions

Many traditions advise what should be done at each wedding stage, from clothing, organisation, and celebration to the honeymoon or honeymoon trip. Although today in the West, many of these customs are changing, subsequent in many cases, only some.

Therefore, the superstitions surrounding marriage celebration have the most diverse origins and foundations. These are some of them, although each follows only in some parts of the world.

A marriage is a legal contract

To prove, amongst other things, legitimacy and inheritance, that could use record marriage. Nowadays, many couples are not religious or are of mixed religions, so contracting their marriage with the priest of one particular faith is not a choice. In this instance, they may turn to a registrar to marry them, but what about the wedding part?! So if the marriage is a legal contract, the wedding is a ceremonial celebration. So you can hold your wedding separately from the day of your marriage, and you have choices as to who will attend your wedding.

What are the requirements to get married?

Marriage will have the exact requirements and effects when both parties are of the same or different sex.

The requirements to get married, according to articles 45, 46, 47, and 48 of the Civil Code, are the following:

  • Be of legal age or emancipated.
  • Not be married. If a member has been married, it will be essential to prove the divorce.
  • Celebrate the civil marriage before the Judge, Mayor, capable official, or religious wedding in the legally provided ways.
  • So, registration of the marriage in the corresponding Civil Registry.
  • A medical opinion on their fitness to an agreement will require if any contracting party is precious by mental deficiencies or differences.
  • Therefore, that there is no direct relationship between the members of the marriage.
  • Express the contracting parties, clearly and evidently, the purpose of marriage.
  • Failure to comply with any of these requirements can cause a marriage cancellation, so, which consists of a verdict declaring that a marriage has never been valid.

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