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A wedding ring is a jewel with significant meaning, and the wedding ring is the greatest symbol of the union between two people who love each other. One of the most lovely moments in the ceremony is exchanging a wedding ring. It expresses eternal, infinite, and immortal love due to the symbolic care of these jewels.

You cannot miss any detail, especially as crucial as choosing wedding rings, with all the organization of the wedding. Choose a wedding ring from a jewelry shop that specializes in rings. Its material value is probably high, but sentimentally its value is unique if you agree with this tradition.

What is the Origin of the Tradition?

Exchanging wedding rings dates back to 2,800 BC, as the ancient Egyptians already did in their marriage ceremonies. For them, the circle represented a perfect figure without beginning or end, eternity, and infinite love. Then the Hebrews adopted this tradition around 1,500 BC, the Greeks extended it, and many years later, the Romans picked it up.

With the arrival of Christianity, the tradition of wedding rings maintain, although it was first considered a pagan ritual. However, in the 9th century, Pope Nicholas I decreed that giving a ring to the bride was an official declaration of marriage. In contrast, in 1549, the phrase “with this ring” include in the Book of Common Prayer of the Anglican Church. I marry you”.

What Types of Wedding are there?

At present, the offer in regards to wedding rings is increasingly broad. And although traditional designs continue to be the most chosen. The traditional gold ring or others, such as the solitaire with diamonds or the headband. Many also stand out among the most sought-after; among them. The English cut half-round ring, the white gold rings, the bicolor ones with pink and yellow gold, and the gold rings with surgical steel.

On the other hand, silver rings are an alternative that seduces more and more boyfriends. And it is that it is not only attractive for its lower cost but also for its discreet sound and for the variety that it allows to find in its collections. If money is an obstacle, it is possible to find cheap wedding bands in materials such as coconut wood or ebony.

Difference between Engagement and Wedding

Many wonder what the difference is between engagement and wedding rings. Despite their more than reasonable similarity, it is possible to find several elements that make them unique pieces from each other. It is essential to know the details to avoid choosing the wrong ring. For this, follow these tips and differentiate the engagement and wedding rings without any problem.

1. Uses of both rings:

While engagement rings are used as a symbol to declare the desire to commit to your partner. The wedding ring, or alliance, is the ring the couple gives each other on their wedding day, thus publicly formalizing their union.

2. Differences in designs and their features:

As we have seen, the difference in use is evident. However, there are also differences in the design and characteristics of the objects. The engagement ring is usually white gold with a brilliant that crowns the metal ring. This type of ring is easy to obtain in a standardized way or can also be made individually for each couple. The tradition of placing a stone is based on the fact that this is the most challenging material that exists and, therefore, symbolizes the hardness with the durability of the commitment.

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