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Beauty is commonly described as a quality of entities that makes them pleasant to perceive. Such entities include landscapes, sunsets or sunrises, night skies, people, animals, plants, works of art, etc. It is an abstract notion linked to numerous aspects of human existence. It studies the philosophical discipline of aesthetics and other fields, such as history, sociology and social psychology. Thus, It is the characteristic of a thing that, through a sensory experience, provides a sensation of pleasure or satisfaction.

It is the attribute that we recognise in it. As such, some of the qualities traditionally attributed to the beautiful are harmony, proportion, symmetry and perfection, as well as the ability to please the eye and the ear and to captivate the spirit.


There is no universal typology of beauty, just as there is no strict concept to understand. However, widely dispersed and varied classifications of the beautiful use informally give rise to types such as the following:


That does not require additions or cosmetic interventions but is the result of the hand of nature itself. Its uses mainly refer to feminine beauty.


Contrary to natural beauty, it would be an “artificial” or “acquired” beauty since it is the result of cosmetic interventions whose purpose is to adapt a body to an established pattern: makeup, clothing, surgery, plastic etc.

External Beauty

Perceptible by everyone and based on appearances, it is traditionally considered a form of superficial beauty that, at first glance, suggests an individual’s beauty but can contradict their way of being or the way they look—purity of his feelings.


Contrary to the previous case, it applies to people’s inner world, that is, to their deep beauty that reveals to those who take the period to get to know it. It is possible, then, that a person who is not very beautiful outside is gorgeous on the inside and vice versa.


That which comes from cultures other than its own or that responds to foreign aesthetic canons but is recognizable. An exotic can be a person from different latitudes, for example.

Beauty Vs. Ugliness

One of the most common canons of beauty is harmony. Therefore, human beings tend to consider balance and proper proportions desirable.

The opposite of it is horror, which does not reason for pleasure but rather discontent and generates a negative perception of the object in question.

Beauty in Art

Therefore, it is associated with aesthetic principles intrinsic to a particular artistic discipline. In this sense, it is the most significant artistic aspiration, as it combines the harmony of forms, expressive impact, symbolic potential and philosophical truth within the resources offered by disciplines such as music, literature, dance, architecture, sculpture, painting and cinema, to move us, impress us and delight us.

Beauty in Philosophy

The concept of it, according to philosophy, has evolved in various ways. Plato considered it fundamentally, an ideal. In this sense, there is only one true beauty. Thus, the prototypical, the exemplary, the one that belongs to the world of the ideal and that serves as a model for the artist for his creations. So, according to this, true beauty only takes place in the soul, and philosophy is the only way to contact it.

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