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What Casual Clothes To Wear After 60 Years?

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Casual Clothes : At 60 years of age and any age, the key to choosing the clothes we wear is to know very well what type of body we have, and therefore, to know which clothes best suit us. This will also help us to combine much better since we will always play it safe and bet on pieces that are appropriate to our morphology.

How To Dress Smart In Casual Clothes At 60?

To dress elegantly using casual and modern garments, you must find the perfect balance between trends and timelessness. We recommend that you go for quality wardrobe staples that look good on you, stylize your silhouette and with which you feel 100% comfortable, and combine them with trendy accessories such as bags, sandals, sunglasses, necklaces… In this way, you will be able to see yourself in a modern and current outfit without ever giving up elegance.

Some garments and accessories do not go out of style, and you always want to wear them during the hottest months,  such as espadrilles, loose dresses, linen jackets. We have prepared a selection of beautiful garments that are always flattering and perfect for the summer months.

White Dress

The first piece of style advice is to bet on essential wardrobe items. The white dress is the garment par excellence during the summer, and this Zara model has stolen our hearts.

Shirtdress in black

As we continue with classic and adaptable clothing, we present this black shirt dress that may wera myriad ways. It also has some unique topographies that make it stand out, such as the asymmetric hem and the pleated skirt.

Shirt Dress in Animal Print

Choosing prints that never go out of style, such as animal print, is another foolproof strategy. This shirt dress with short sleeves is an attractive choice.

Satin Blouse With Knot

Another ideal option for summer is satin fabric blouses, and this one with a black and white geometric print will be a sure hit for any look. You can also get one of these new blouses with sleeves for those who do not want to show their arms in summer.

Shabby Shield

Your life will make more accessible if you use neutral, versatile hues. This long-sleeved shirt will save your entire summer wardrobe with a round collar, cotton fabric, and rustic style. It is adaptable, classic, and comfy.

Wide-Legged Bamboo Pants

These loose-fitting black pants, which you can pair with high-heeled shoes or espadrilles for nighttime appearances, are another must.

Printed Long Trousers

Printed Long Trousers

You will love these maroon floral print pants if you’re a fan of fluid pants that don’t mark or give off heat. They’re from the Cortefiel sales, and they’ll look great both with tops (because they’re high-waisted) and tucked-in shirts.

lengthy kaftan

Another item of clothing that will make it simple for you to create distinctive styles is a kaftan. This model, developed by Stella Jean and Desigual, feels like the ideal outfit for both day and night.

Flat buckle Sandals

And these beige suede shoes are perfect for you if you’re looking for flat, cozy, and lovely sandals, especially for delicate feet. They have a genuine Birkenstock soft footbed, two straps with metal pin buckles that can adjust individually, and color-coordinated accents.

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