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Keratin treatment is a treatment that can restore the health of your hair. It is powerful recovering cosmetic for hair cuticles. Keratin treatment is one of the most demanded by hairdressers. It perfectly answers curly, wavy, frizzy, or damaged hair.

Keratin treatment is best for those dreaming of straight, soft, healthy, and shiny hair. One of the main benefits of keratin treatment is hair fiber repair, and it nourishes it from the inside and from root to tip, giving it a more cared and silky appearance. The keratin treatment is perfect if you want to hydrate and strengthen your hair.

How long does keratin last in hair?

Our best advice is not to do the keratin treatment at home and even more so with unreliable creams and products. To do this, go to a trusted hairdresser like the Jean Louis David hairdresser at GranCasa. His professionals will care for your hair using the best quality products and the proper techniques to obtain the best results.

Advantages of keratin straightening

Keratin profoundly repairs and nourishes our hair; depending on the type of keratin treatment you choose, you can obtain a more permanent straightening of your hair. It is an efficient result since it prevents you from punishing your hair by straightening it daily, keeping your hair smooth and combed for several months.

  • Nourishes and restructures all hair naturally: helps the hair fibers.
  • Rebuilds the hair fiber: protects and heals your hair from all the damage caused by irons or dryers.
  • Our hair is smoother and firmer.
  • Eliminate frizz.

Much easier to style: your hair will be softer, silkier, and smoother, so you don’t have to worry about straightening it or blow-drying it.

Unique for wavy and curly hair:  this treatment is perfect for people who have wavy hair and want to have it straight. Although it does not leave it 100% straight, it will make your waves softer and more delicate.

In professional brands like L’Oreal, you will find the best products.

Disadvantages of keratin straightening

There are several types of keratin treatments. We mention that you pay attention to the components of each of them so that you can choose the most appropriate for your hair. Discover some of the disadvantages of keratin straightening :

Keratin treatments with formaldehyde are toxic and contain more aggressive substances in the hair. Its use is already prohibited in many countries, as it can cause allergies, eye and skin irritation, or scalp flaking.

The price is high: It is true that it depends on the beauty salon or hairdresser where you do it or if you apply it at home, but the most common thing is to repeat it twice a year to continue showing off perfect hair.

It is not valid for all types of hair: So it won’t do anything for you if you have thin and sparse hair, and it can even break. Collecting or dying your hair in the first 15 days is also not advisable.

It can cause allergic reactions on the skin, scalp, and eyes, so applying it in a place with ventilation and open windows is better.

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